Issues on Extend Moratorium Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Today in parliament, the issues on if banks were able to extend the loan repayment moratorium amidst challenging economic outlook was raised.

Jempol MP Datuk Mohd Salim Sharif ask the Finance Ministry on individuals who are facing financial and debt […]

Issues on Extend Moratorium Due to Covid-19 Pandemic2020-08-13T15:36:05+08:00

Brand ‘Greece’

The turmoil around the Greek economy spread by the media around the world gives us less and less thoughts of what is actually happening in Greece besides the debts. European newspapers are talking about the IMF proposition towards Greece with thousands of points for and against, given by numerous analytics […]

Brand ‘Greece’2015-07-13T17:08:09+08:00

Opportunities within the Greek Crisis

Withdrawal limitations, cross-country strikes and colossal financial problems are the modern reality of a newly developing nation of Greece, which lost its ‘developed nation’ status back in 2013. The never ending fallout has begun with world’s financial crisis of 2008 when the whole world and Europe in particular faced sudden […]

Opportunities within the Greek Crisis2016-03-04T19:13:46+08:00
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