Digitalisation is a necessity for your business

In the last 18 months, businesses around the world have been forced to adapt their business models and adopt the use of digital technology to continue reaching their clients and customers. Organisations that have not been able to evolve quickly enough have found themselves floundering in the post-Covid world - where going digital may make all the difference to whether a business dies, survives or thrives.

Digitalisation is a necessity for your business2021-07-19T16:52:27+08:00

Troubled times ahead for SMEs

According to the Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperatives Ministry in a Parliamentary written reply dated Nov 5, 2020, a total of 32,469 SMEs had folded since March 2020 when the movement control order (MCO) was first implemented to curb Covid-19. The Ministry, quoting statistics by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), said that 9,675 SMEs shut down operations during the first phase of the MCO from March 18 to June 9. Then a further 22,794 SMEs shut down during the recovery MCO that took place from June till September last year, with the highest figure recorded in August with a total of 17,800 SMEs.

Troubled times ahead for SMEs2021-06-01T14:35:23+08:00

Issues on SMEs Income Sustainability and Survival in Post Covid-19

Today in parliament, the issues of government’s commitment in addressing the issue of SMEs income sustainability and survival in post Covid-19 economy was raised in Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives) sitting today. Pasir Puteh MP Dr. Nik Muhammad Zawawi bin […]
Issues on SMEs Income Sustainability and Survival in Post Covid-192020-07-20T16:11:03+08:00

Buy Malaysia First Policy – LED Lighting

BUSINESS MATCHINGDomestically, the level of LED utilization is relatively low, as the push for a more energy efficient economy coupled with concerns for the environment, this will change.  Many end users […]

Buy Malaysia First Policy – LED Lighting2015-04-07T21:24:28+08:00

Allied Export Partner Strategy

The statistics are clear, small and medium sized enterprises or SME’s make a huge percentage of the economy and account for large amounts of employment and more importunately employment growth in most developed countries, Malaysia is no different.

The government knows it needs to develop this group should it […]
Allied Export Partner Strategy2015-04-07T21:58:52+08:00

Strategic SME’s in the Halal Supply Chain: Post COVID19 Planning

The COVID19 Outbreak has exposed the populations of most countries to a dangerous virus. At the same time, perhaps more importantly, it has exposed weaknesses in supply chains of various nations across the globe. The Malaysian government should be commended […]
Strategic SME’s in the Halal Supply Chain: Post COVID19 Planning2020-04-13T11:12:59+08:00

Aramco LTA Agreement with Sapura Opening Opportunities for SMEs

Integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider, Sapura Energy Berhad, is leading the way for Malaysian businesses as they recently contracted with the Saudi Aramco Long-Term Agreement (LTA) programme. To support Saudi Aramco’s offshore projects through engineering, procurement, fabrication, […]
Aramco LTA Agreement with Sapura Opening Opportunities for SMEs2018-12-17T14:33:41+08:00

Green Lighting & SME Vendor Development

Business Matching Services Malaysia

Malaysia has over 100,000,000 sqf of Green Office space and almost 2,000km of highways second only to Japan and China in Asia, a series of modern airports and a host of telecommunication players, […]

Green Lighting & SME Vendor Development2016-07-08T22:17:47+08:00

The Future of American Business in Malaysia

What are the key industry sectors that American companies will be able to dominate in Malaysia? What unique strategies will be effective for American companies competing in South East Asia as China expands its economic influence? What are some of the simple mistakes that many companies make during the set […]

The Future of American Business in Malaysia2016-07-25T10:48:41+08:00
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