Somaya Ong

Somaya Ong Business Lifestyle ReviewEntrepreneur, a mother, a beauty queen an avid traveller and with an ability to cook that makes her look like she has just stepped out of a season of Master Chief, Somaya Ong has […]

Somaya Ong2018-09-19T14:16:21+08:00

A State of Grace

From the outside The Grace Hotel is an excellent example of Neo-Gothic architecture reflecting the success of the Grace Brothers who built it in the 1920’s.  On the inside the contrasting Art Deco design makes for a space that guests can enjoy.  Loosely translated, this means from the outside the […]

A State of Grace2017-07-14T14:05:45+08:00

Women’s Lifestyle Editor to Help Brands Connect

Corporate TravelHere’s what we’ve found, in brief: Women feel vastly under served. Despite the remarkable strides in market power and social position that they have made in the past century, they still appear to be undervalued […]

Women’s Lifestyle Editor to Help Brands Connect2016-02-26T14:31:04+08:00
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