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Chua Hah Seng started its tasty journey in 1950s. Chua hah Seng started    the business with “Chilli Paste”, that time was just a small family business located in  “Yaowaraj” (known as Thailand Chinatown) which is the center of good food to good raw materials in food business. With unique and great taste,  Chua Hah Seng became famous in food business especially be the chefs’selection. 

Chua Hah Seng Food Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and sales of a palatable selection of sauces, pastes and condiments. The product range includes chilli paste, chill oil, chilli sauce, sweet chilli sauce and a variety of other, all under the brand “CHUA HAH SENG” 

With modern technology and carefully monitored manufacturing processes ensure high safety standards and customer satisfaction with international standard certification of GMP,HACCP,and Halal certification logo from The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand other countries. Known to heighten the flavor while adding color and enhancing the aroma,our sauces and condiments are used in a large variety of Asian dishes. We cater to a vast majority of restaurants ranging from Asian cuisines in five-star hotels to popular restaurant chains across Thailand and other countries.


  1. Chilli Paste and Chilli Oil
  2. Sauces i.e. Sweet Chilli Sauce, Sweet&Sour Plum Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Cantonese Suki Sauce
  3. Others i.e. Sour Tamarind Paste Concentrate, Instant Concentrate Tom Yum Soup

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