Company Name: De Bois international CO.,LTD.

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Contact Person: Mr. Ruengphol Phulswasde  

Contact Number: 66840400002

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Debois international company limited established since 1998. We specialized in jewelry cleaner. The product name is Debois. Debois is one of  the best cleaning agent in the market today. Debois brings extra shine, brilliance and new look to your jewelry. Debois contains neutral and mild polyoxygenated cleaning agents mixed with correct HLB formation for use especially on jewelry to bring out its glitter. Debois has no ammonia or any acid ingredient. Debois does not cause irritation and also environmental friendly. Furthermore Debois is refreshingly fragrant. We are strongly looking for agents in Malaysia for expanding our products to Malaysia.


  1. Jewelry cleaner

Type of company looking to meet in Malaysia:

  1. Distributer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Retail outlet

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  1. Buyer
  2. Purchasing manager
  3. Import manager

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  1. Distributor
  2.  Agent

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