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Flower Food Ltd., Part is a healthy food snack manufacturer which was established in 1990 by Dr.Pradit Piramarn. We are the first company that introduced roasted sunflower kernels to the Thai Food Industry and now offers wide range of Kernels snacks such as pumpkin seed, sunflower kenels, sesame seed and nuts with an innovative product of chocolate coated seeds and sesame, almond, sunflower, pumpkin cream and spreads. We are also specialized in OEM produce based on the customer preference and raw materials for industrial use.


  1. Sunflower, Pumpkin, Watermelon, Almond, Peanut, and Sesame seeds
  2. Chocolate Coated seeds
  3. High Technology Sesame, Almond, Sunflower, Pumpkin spreads
  4. OEM products based on customers and market preference

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