Company Name: Orchid Miracle Limited Partnership

Company Website: Orchid Miracle Thailand

Contact Person: Miss. Onanong Inta

Contact Number: +66 62 4156664

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Orchid Miracle Founded on July 25, 2016

The purpose of the orchid flower. To add to the mix into the production. Orchid Body Lotion

SPECLALTY NATURAL PRODUCTS CO .LTD is a company that produces and extracts Thai herbs. GMP, IS09001: 2008, HALAL, HACCP Bring orchid to the ORCHID EXTRACT LIQUID process and bring to the main ingredient of Body Lotion Orchidmiracle.

We are proud to be trusted. From many customers The rapid expansion of our market over the past 2 years is a matter of choice. Booth at EXPO 2018, Thai Festival 2018 in Jakarta Indonesia (Business Matching) in Tokyo, Japan. On behalf of Thai products and And was selected as a cosmetic product in 2018 by the Department of Industrial Promotion. Ministry of industry.  Ministry of Commerce and Department of Export Promotion, was selected for distribution in KING POWER.

Brand policy Orchid Miracle

We will produce 100% Thai products for people around the world to know the Thai herbal ingredients that Thai flowers are good. Quality is useful. Can create products that are equivalent to global goods as well.


  1. Orchid Miracle Body Lotio

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