Company Name: Teddy House Co., Ltd

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Contact Person: Ms.Siriporn   Pokasuwan

Contact Number: +662 757 1060-2 / +6681 779 4108

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Teddy House is the leading Teddy Bear Brand in Thailand and Southeast Asia established since 1998. Own factory, trader and exporter under franchise systems. Currently we have 30 stores in Thailand, 13 stores in Indonesia, 2 stores in Beijing, China and first branch in Toronto, Canada.

Variety products such as Teddy bear, Bear outfit collection and Bear accessory, Bear license products etc. Teddy House received product standard certified by SGS such as CE Marks, EN71, GB standard of China and SNI standard of Indonesia including register 38 trademark worldwide.


  1.  Teddy Bear
  2.  Outfits for Teddy Bear
  3.  Accessories for Teddy Bear
  4. Character and Licensing

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  1. Distributer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Retail Outlet
  4. Franchise
  5. OEM & Premium

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  1. Export Manager  
  2. Director’s Assistant

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  1. Distributer
  2.  Agent
  3.  Partner

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