Company Name: Twinkle Interfood Co., Ltd.

Company Website:

Contact Person: Mr. Sompong Katesiri / Miss Bussarakam Boonprasert

Contact Number: +66 891545624 / +66 618353854

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Company Profile :

More than 10 Years that we have experience on Agriculture and apply technology to agriculture products. We are pressure to present Fruits and Vegetable as Snack. Vacuum Freeze dried fruits and Seaweed and Preserve Fruits is our mainly product. The Quality and Honesty is our goal.


  1. Roasted Seasonings Seaweed
  2. Vacuum Freeze Dried Fruits
  3. Preserve Fruits and Vegetable

Type of company looking to meet in Malaysia:

  1. Distributer / Importer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Retail outlet

Level of Decision maker:

  1. Purchasing Manager
  2. Buyer
  3. Import Manager

Type of relationship you are looking to establish

  1. Sole distributer
  2. Agent
  3. Partner

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