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Malaysia is a lucrative and important market especially in the context of ASEAN and the wider Asia markets. There are many trade shows hosted in Malaysia on a weekly basis, in some of the nicest venues in the region. The largest challenge with any trade show is to ensure that you get to meet as many potential buyers as possible, the Malaysia Global Business Forum has created “Trade Show Assist” to address this important issue.

Moving into this market can be challenging and participating in a trade show is one of the best ways to get theball rolling. As a company you are looking at expanding into the Malaysian and regional markets to grow market share and to find more profitable opportunities in the most cost effective manner.  However, with the current global economic conditions competition is fierce so extending business interests is about meeting decision makers quickly which is the most important first step for any new market. That is why the Malaysia Global Business Forum has developed a cost effective program that assist your company during trade shows to ensure that you get the best out of your next mission to Malaysia. Trade Show Assist packages start from as low as USD 380 per company. Let us help drive your Trade & Business Matching.


What we do is focus: 

We focus on what you are looking to achieve during your next trade show, we all know that what makes a trade show successful is that it has a large number of exhibitors participating over the course of a few days but that means that the organisers will not be able to focus on your company as they have ‘everyone to worry about’. So we focus on what you need, some or many of your buyers will be attending the trade show, we just make sure that all of the potential buyers know that you are attending the trade show and that your would like to meet them and spend some time focusing on them as a customer.

Customer Database Development:

Everyone is talking about Big Data but we like to think we focus on small data, important data like do you have the name, designation, phone number and email address of any given potential customer and who is the decision maker in that company you need to target? If not how do you expect to get them to the trade show? Do you have a comprehensive industry list that incorporates multiple sources so that a broad section of the industry knows that you are attending? We know that the answer is most likely ‘No’ that is why we have developed this services to reduces the guess work and ultimately the risk of attending a trade show especially for the first time in a new country.

Communications with the potential Customers:

Once the right people have been identified the next important step in the process is how to communicate with them effectively. The Malaysia Global Business Forum team will put together a well worded introduction email and send it out to the decision makers in the industry, this will be followed up by a phone call to gauge interest in meeting. Those companies that are interested will be scheduled for a

meeting at the trade show and and a reminder phone call close to the meeting day will be made to ensure that the meeting is confirmed. The MGBF team is also able to produce and send out public relations information to our extensive media database, pre-visit public relations can make all the difference as people will know why they should meet you before you even have arrived.

With ‘Trade Show Assist’ individual companies and trade & industry associations can leverage off years of experience and our extensive network developed by working with many of the world’s leading corporations, SME’s, trade and industry associations and business friendly governments.

Allow us to assist you to ensure that your market entry strategy goes according to plan.  For more information or to speak to our team contact us today.

International Strategic Business Development

Many Malaysian companies are looking to expand into regional & international markets to grow market share and to find more profitable opportunities.  Faced with the current global economic conditions, extending business interests is about meeting the challenge of “Meet the Right People” which is the most important first step for any new market.

Moving from the domestic market to the international markets raises many questions that need answers.  What will be your key markets? What market entry strategies will your company employ to ensure a better chance of success?  Do you have enough market intelligence and does your company currently have a team that has the relevant experience? We help you with these problems.

MGBF also understands that SME’s have their own set of pressures and concerns, so we have developed specific programs that can deal with those important first steps or to re-energizes a market entry gone wrong.

Leverage off years of experience and our extensive network developed by working with many of the world’s leading corporations and business friendly governments.  The Malaysia Global Business Forum assists, Individual companies, trade & industry associations, state & regional governments in business development and investment promotion.

MGBF also organizes several scheduled trade and investment missions to different cities in various countries some of upcoming trips include, Dubai, London, Sydney, Adelaide, Bandar Aceh, Bangkok and Vladivostok. Follow this link for more information

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