HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 5 March 2021 – Many of us are big cheese fans and cheese-based desserts are all the rage at the moment. In this update, 7-Eleven’s own brand 7-SELECT is collaborating with PABLO, the renowned cheese tart bakery from Shinsaibashi in Osaka, to launch a series of exclusive, limited-edition crossover items. We are proud to present five brand-new 7-SELECT x PABLO creations inspired by PABLO’s signature cheese tart including Cheese Bread, Cheese Swiss Roll Cake, Cheese and Mango Flavour Mousse Cake, Apricot Jelly and Cheese Cream Puff, and Apricot Jelly and Cheese Cream Roll Cake. You can now enjoy the unforgettable cream cheese taste of this must-try Japanese souvenir right on your doorstep anytime, anywhere at 7-Eleven!

For more details, please refer to the below table:

Lusciously Creamy

7-SELECT x PABLO Cheese Bread


This soft and fluffy bun is made using 100% Japanese flour. With every bite, you’ll love its smooth and rich cream cheese filling. It tastes even better warmed up!

Made in Japan

7-SELECT x PABLO Cheese Swiss Roll Cake


A swirl of cream cheese runs through this featherlight swiss roll cake that is made using 100% Japanese flour. Savour the combination of the sponge’s buttery flavour and the slightly salty taste of cream cheese.

Tastes as Good as it Looks!

7-SELECT x PABLO Cheese & Mango Flavour Mousse Cake ($23)

This adorably cute mousse cake is shaped just like a cartoonish chunk of cheese. Totally Instaworthy, it boasts perfectly balanced mango and rich cream cheese flavours that are a pure delight to the senses!

Made in Japan

7-SELECT x PABLO Apricot Jelly and Cheese Cream Puff


These custardy puffs are filled with PABLO’s signature cream cheese and a sweet yet slightly sharp apricot jelly – a simply sensational combination of flavours!

Made in Japan

7-SELECT x PABLO Apricot Jelly and Cheese Cream Roll Cake ($15)

The appearance of this soft and custardy dessert takes inspiration from PABLO’s iconic cheese tart. The rich and smooth cheese-flavoured cake is topped off with apricot jelly, so both mouth-wateringly sweet and tangy.

The above prices are valid from 3 – 16 Mar 2021. Prices may change without prior notice. The product price at the store shall prevail.


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