Melaka, 27th June 2018 – THE last day of the 18th Melaka International Youth Dialogue was filled with many remarkable moments. The day began with the presentation of the 18th MIYD Draft Declaration which was later
adopted by all participants present. Everyone participated well proving that they, indeed, paid attention to the advice and feedback given by various speakers from the past days and their peers during the workshop.

Later on, in the day, the participants were taken for an excursion to the Puteri Beach where the participants enjoyed theirleisure and activities and took a lot of photos. At the conclusion of that relaxing momentsin the beach, all participants and special guests returned to the hotel to prepare for the gala dinner.

The farewell gala dinner and closing ceremony was held later that night at the Pantai Puteri Hotel Ballroom. Guests included the President of the World Assembly of Youth, Hon. Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Idris Haron, Vice
Presidents of the World Assembly of Youth, representatives ofthe Asian Youth Council, the Commonwealth Youth Council, the Malaysian Youth Council and the Commonwealth Youth Innovation Centres,Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Malaysia,and the Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth.

WAY Secretary General, Miss Ediola Pashollari initiated the evening with her speech, where she welcomed and thanked all respected guests, speakers, sponsors, participants and volunteers. She stated that “youth should now
take ownership to this declaration… they should take it to their peers, organisations and other stakeholders, in their respective countries, for implementation”. She went on to appreciate all the participants for their efforts in making the 18th MIYD a fruitful and memorable dialogue.

Remarks were also given by the Secretary General of Asian Youth Council, Dr Mohammed Maliki Mohammed Rapiee .The pulpit was later left for Hon. Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Idris Haron, the President of World Assembly of
Youth. He appreciated the participants for their time and patience during this dialogue and everyone who has made themselves present from the beginning of this dialogue to the end. He ended his speech by thanking the
organisers and sponsors for their kind assistance and endless hard work. At the end of the gala ceremony, the sponsors and partners were awarded with tokens of appreciation. Besides that, the MIYD volunteers were later
thanked and awarded with certificates for their dedication and valuable efforts, without them the 18th MIYD could have not been a great success.

The celebration was concluded with a photo session with partners, speakers, volunteers and sponsors. The night ended with many tremendous cultural performances, magnificent band show, exciting dances and a lot of
laughter while all young people with great minds mingled.

A night to remember! Without a doubt, it was not only a successful but also a mesmerizing and entertaining one!


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