SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 16 January 2023 – Floristique Singapore starts 2023 as a trailblazer, being the first Florist to transition away from diesel-powered vehicles — known for their high CO2 emissions — towards electric-powered ones. With a debut fleet of 7 electric vans to lead the way of this transition, Floristique aims to reduce its carbon footprint in a meaningful way with the reduced emissions.

Floristique Singapore Gets ‘Greener’, as The First Florist To Transition to Electric Vehicles
Founder Wendy Han with delivery drivers and EV fleet

A Pressing Impetus Towards Sustainability

Most online florists, like many other service on-demand businesses, heavily rely on diesel-powered vehicles to manage their volume of deliveries. Unfortunately, diesel engines are a significant source of CO2 emissions. What’s more, compared to gasoline-powered engines, diesel-powered engines emit higher amounts of CO2 per mile travelled. The high percentage of CO2 emissions harm the environment, exacerbating the pressing issue of climate change. As such, it is vital to reduce environmental footprints where possible. From decreasing the dependence on fossil fuel in its operations, Floristique helms the beginning of the paradigm shift towards a more sustainable future.

An Electrifying Solution

Since the purchase of its fleet of 7 electric vans, Floristique is now able to operate with the assurance that they have now made a more impactful step towards sustainability. Furthermore, this shift towards electric vehicles has serendipitously brought about a reduction in operating costs.

“I believed that we could, and should be doing more [as a business]. It was a good investment that has only provided benefits — both environmentally and as an added bonus of being more cost-effective to business operations,” shared Han, founder of Floristique Singapore.

“Personally, I do not hold much regard for being the first florist to make this transition but I do hope that it might inspire more businesses to do the same,” she continues.
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Brainchild of floral-enthusiast Wendy Han, Floristique specialises in floral arrangements of all types, from , , and even to . With free flower delivery across Singapore, Floristique ensures that flowers are readily available to those who need them. Same-day deliveries are also available for orders made before 2 pm on weekdays and 12 pm on weekends. For more information, visit their website: .


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