KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 18 March 2024 – The holy month dedicated to self-discipline and mindfulness, Ramadan traditionally stands out with higher and less volatile returns for most Muslim financial markets. With calm and thoughtful behaviour encouraged during this period, there is a definite chance to benefit from it spiritually and financially despite the lower volume of trade of many tradable assets. In this article, the experts at Octa, a globally recognised financial broker, argue that the high self-discipline characteristic of Ramadan is conducive to financial growth as people start their trading journey or take their trading efficiency to another level.

Ramadan: an opportunity for financial growth

Muslims worldwide anticipate the holy month of Ramadan as a period of fasting, prayer, and reflection. People who observe it try to instill particular mindfulness, self-discipline, and calm into every aspect of their lives as the merit attributed to every virtue and prayer increases greatly during this month. This unique state of mind may be conducive to prudent decisions, including personal wealth management and boosting daily income.

Forex trading during the holy month of Ramadan

As a trendy choice among those who aim for a steady and accessible source of day-to-day financial gains, trading on the financial markets, particularly Forex, is a legitimate and time-efficient way to take a decisive step towards your goals.

Throughout Ramadan, as all daily economic activity shifts down a gear, traders have a perfect opportunity to incorporate some learning into their daily routine and hone their Forex skills to make more informed decisions during their trading sessions.

With that in mind, Octa, a globally recognised investment platform since 2011, offers Muslim traders everything they need for making rational, data-driven, and forward-thinking decisions during their sessions, including all-time-free demo accounts, analytical tools, and educational materials.

A unique offer designed specifically for promoting analytical and reason-driven approach to trading, Octa’s Islamic accounts are Shariah compliant, available for all account types, and don’t require any documents or other identity proofs.

An analytical approach to trading

Despite some controversy, Forex trading is not prohibited during the month of Ramadan provided that traders meet certain requirements during their sessions.

First and foremost, a righteous approach to Forex trading involves full transparency and accountability in transactions. Traders are encouraged to conduct careful analysis, implement risk management techniques, and ensure fair and transparent dealings in compliance with Islamic ethics.

Another critical point is that virtuous Forex trading is based on conducting immediate transactions so that the exchange of currencies happens without delay. Spot trading is more in line with Islamic principles, as it avoids the uncertainty and ambiguity associated with delayed or future transactions.

Operating in 180+ countries worldwide, Octa uses its exposure to Islamic traditions to create a perfect trading experience for Muslim users. With its fast withdrawals, tight spreads, and commission-free transactions, Octa consistently delivers the main virtues of Muslim-friendly trading—transparency of operations, lightning-fast order execution, and a full-fledged analytical toolkit for systematic approach.

Specifics of trading during Ramadan

For Muslims who trade on the Forex market, Ramadan can be an excellent time to re-evaluate their approach. During this month, planning your trading sessions is highly advisable. Ensure you have a robust strategy and pick optimal time frames for your orders.

Forex trading should be conducted with a specific purpose in mind, such as hedging against currency risk or facilitating trade and investment between different countries. Trading for the sole purpose of making a profit, without any underlying economic activity, is prohibited in Islam.

Forex trading should not involve excessive risk-taking, such as trading on margin or taking positions that exceed one’s financial capacity. In Islam, excessive risk-taking is considered to be gambling, which is prohibited by Sharia law.

Ramadan is all about spiritual discipline and growth—a time of self-reflection and mental leanness when the most sacred and essential aspects of life come into focus. This same approach of embracing mindfulness and leaving the chaff behind works wonders when applied to Forex trading, so it may also be a good time to grab the opportunity to achieve your immediate financial goals.
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