SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 25 March 2024 – HTX Ventures unveiled the report to examine the immediate impacts observed in the week following the upgrade after Dencun upgrade on March 13th, 2024, focusing on cost reduction, network performance, and the broader implications for the Ethereum ecosystem.

HTX Ventures, the global investment arm of HTX, leverages an integrated approach that combines investment, incubation, and research to identify the most exceptional and promising teams around the world. To date, HTX Ventures has supported over 200 projects spanning multiple blockchain tracks, with some high-quality projects already listed on HTX for trading.

Cost Reduction and Network Efficiency
The Dencun upgrade introduced EIP4844, which implemented data blobs—a development aimed at addressing Ethereum’s high fees and slow processing times. Although the full impact on cost reduction is yet to be completely realized due to the technical integrations into roll ups, the initial effects on Layer 2 gas fees indicate substantial improvements:

1. Cost Reductions of Posting data
2. Significant Fee Reductions Across L2 Solutions

Future Outlook and Danksharding
Danksharding remains a pivotal element in Ethereum’s upgrade roadmap, promising further enhancements to network capacity and performance. Planned improvements include increasing the number of blobs per block and exploring advanced data availability (DA) solutions such as PeerDAS. Concurrently, research continues on MEV resistance, Verkle Trees, and network optimization efforts to make Ethereum a more efficient, user-friendly ecosystem.

Next Steps and HTX Ventures’ Perspective
As stakeholders in Ethereum’s growth, HTX Ventures is enthusiastic about the potential unlocked by these developments. The Dencun upgrade’s focus on cost reduction, scalability, security, and usability not only facilitates a more inclusive ecosystem but also paves the way for innovative and complex applications in gaming, SocialFi, DeFi, cross-chain interoperability, and more.

Emerging Trends and Competitive Landscape
Heightened competition among L2 solutions highlights the critical role of community engagement, infrastructure enhancement, and a comprehensive growth strategy integrating business development, sales, and marketing efforts.

Rule of Eigenlayer on Ethereum
The introduction of Eigenlayer significantly broadens the Ethereum ecosystem by integrating numerous protocols, enhancing its flexibility and diversity for a more agile environment.

HTX Ventures remains committed to supporting Ethereum’s journey, providing comprehensive assistance to projects that are at the forefront of decentralized data innovations. By fostering cutting-edge technologies, we aim to contribute to the long-term success and expansion of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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About HTX Ventures

HTX Ventures, HTX’s global investment arm, combines investment, incubation, and research to support top teams worldwide. With a decade of pioneering experience, it specializes in identifying innovative technologies and business models in the sector. HTX Ventures aids blockchain projects with financing, resources, and strategic guidance, supporting over 200 initiatives across various sectors, some of which are now listed on the HTX exchange. As a leading Fund of Funds (FOF) investor, it works with top global blockchain funds like Bankeless, IVC, Shima, and Animoca to develop the blockchain ecosystem.

HTX Ventures unveiled the report on the topic of Ethereum Dencun Upgrade


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