London pubs become one of the most resilient investment choices for Asian investors

LONDON, UK – Media OutReach Newswire – 13 December 2023 – In a strategic move, Panda Residential, a prominent London property agency for Asian investors, has assisted some clients in acquiring London pubs for investment purposes in 2023. This highlights the agency’s commitment to helping clients diversify investment portfolios and tap into unique opportunities within the London real estate market.

London Pubs: A Resilient Investment Choice

London pubs, renowned for their cultural significance and community ties, stand out as resilient investments in the dynamic London real estate landscape. Mainly nestled in residential areas, these establishments play a vital role in local communities, making them a strategic choice for investors.

Low Entry Threshold and Diversification Potential

Gerald Chan, the UK Director of Panda Residential, expressed his confidence in London pubs, saying, “We see some Asian clients looking for hidden gems in the London pub market. The investment threshold for acquiring a London pub ranges from £2 million to £5 million, presenting an attractive entry point compared to other high-end commercial properties. ”

Often positioned at corner locations and on the ground floor of mixed-use buildings, London pubs boast a substantial net usable area and offer additional and diversified revenue streams through attached hotel rooms or residential flats, providing stability to the overall investment. Chan said the net annual yield for investing in pubs typically ranges from 5%-7%.

Great Planning and Redevelopment Opportunities

Furthermore, Panda Residential sees significant potential for planning or redevelopment, offering investors strategic alternatives in the event of pub vacancies. Pubs present an attractive low price, some as affordable as £200 per sqft, rendering a cost-effective investment. For instance, applying for a planning permit to convert the property into residential units or other viable uses could substantially increase rental yield. This adaptability not only enhances the allure of London pubs but also augments the potential return on investment.

Steady Income and Cultural Importance

Chan emphasised the growing interest in pub investments, noting that the agency has witnessed a surge in client inquiries. Though over 2,500 pubs have closed in the last five years, with 400 gone in 2022 alone, “it is a big reshuffle and is creating some rare opportunities for the newcomers,” he expressed optimism about the pub market, forecasting continued growth in 2024, citing notable £4.6 billion investments by global tycoons Li Ka-Shing’s property investment arm’s acquisition of Britain’s largest pub and brewery company Greene King. This underlines the sector’s appeal and potential for substantial returns.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an endorsement of specific investment strategies.

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