HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 12 December 2023 – Recently, Tezeus announced the launch of TEZEUS-C8, its latest and most advanced E-Bike model yet.

Self-developed LINUX operating system of TEZEUS-C8 is equipped with a 5-inch engine screen, built-in Google Maps, removing battery by unlock-touch button on display panel, and other functions included. Whether cycling on the raining days or at night, a super intelligent vehicle will bring you a relaxing and convenient experience.

“It seems very amazing that there is no difference from it to a traditional bicycle about the appearance. It seems like there is no battery or motor.” The design of battery and motor, as well as the internal wiring design, make the entire appearance very concise and pleasing.

TEZEUS-C8 independently designs, develops, and manufactures a more efficient and compact mid-drive motor, weighting only 2.6KG, with a torque of up to 60NM. By multi-sensor fusion algorithms, cyclists will be provided the most intelligent and smooth power. You will taste a quiet and well experience when cycling TEZEUS-C8.

TEZEUS-C8 values your safety and will protect from kinds of dangers through your cycling journey all the time. Equipped with a millimeter wave radar with an angle of 60 °, the taillights provide real-time warnings for vehicles(bikes included), which are predicted to catch up within 5 seconds and have a horizontal distance of 1 meter. Even when riding alone, there is still a sufficient sense of security.

In terms of accessories, TEZEUS-C8 is equipped with removable high-energy density battery,automatic lamp which automatically illuminates as night falls, hidden brakes without messy wire harnesses and three-speed design incorporating an automatic shifting function. TEZEUS-C8 won’t miss any details which will bring cyclists pleasure.

TEZEUS-C8 uses GaN fast charging technology which one-hour charging can meet 40 kilometers range and fully charging can be completed within 2.5 hours, so that cyclists don’t need to worry about the lack of power.

Based on riding comfort, design and intelligent interactive experience, TEZEUS-C8 can be the optimal choice for cycling enthusiasts and commuters. Tezeus bike will be available on indiegogo and official website soon. For more information, please visit: www.tezeusbike.com.
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TEZEUS Proudly Announces the Launch of its Brand New TEZEUS-C8 E-Bike


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