SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 24 January 2024 – Tru Niagen® Immune, the latest innovation from the creators of the esteemed Tru Niagen brand, is set to revolutionise the health supplement industry. Developed through extensive research and scientific breakthroughs, Tru Niagen® Immune goes beyond being a mere supplement. It represents the culmination of relentless efforts aimed at reshaping the ageing process and bolstering overall well-being. This new and improved formula, solely distributed at Watsons stores and online, features an increased serving of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) from 100mg to an elevated 150mg. What truly sets Tru Niagen® Immune apart is the incorporation of potent nutrients such as VegD3®, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Theracurmin® – a unique synergy designed to fortify the body’s immunity like never before.

Regardless of one’s current age, this innovative supplement is poised to restore the vigour reminiscent of youthful days. It’s not just about ageing gracefully; it’s about seizing the full potential of later years. Rediscover the essence of youthful energy and vitality – redefine the way you age with Tru Niagen® Immune.

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Countless satisfied Tru Niagen users have experienced revitalised youthful energy through the power of Tru Niagen® Immune. Discover firsthand the impact of Tru Niagen on them.

Watsons Singapore Launches Tru Niagen® Immune, a Groundbreaking Formula for Age Transformation and Immunity Boost

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Introducing Tru Niagen® Immune

Introducing Tru Niagen® Immune

NAD+, as found in many studies, is vital to life, and without it, cells die. Aside from everyday stressors, declining NAD+ is an inevitable byproduct of the ageing process. At age 30, NAD depletion can accelerate and by the age of 70, NAD can drop by up to 65%, hence, greatly affecting how the body moves and functions as one ages.

Historically, NAD+ depletion is an inescapable outcome of ageing. However, with Tru Niagen® Immune, this is no longer the case.

By combining the proprietary ingredient Niagen with proven immune-boosting nutrients, Tru Niagen® Immune offers an optimal supplement that not only energises the 37.2 trillion cells in the body but also provides comprehensive nourishment for the immune system. This first-of-its-kind combination makes Tru Niagen® Immune the only NAD+ support supplement enhanced with immunity-strengthening available in the market today.

In pursuit of the science of healthy ageing, ChromaDex’s team of world-renowned scientists meticulously and strategically created the Tru Niagen® Immune with immunity-enhancing nutrition from these proven potent ingredients on top of its NAD+ support.

  1. Niagen® for boosting NAD+ and energy metabolism
  2. VegD3®, vegan vitamin D3 for bone, muscle, and immune health
  3. Zinc, the first line of defense against immune stressors, is integral in maintaining healthy tissues, hair, nails, and skin
  4. Vitamin C, produced via fermentation, protects cells from free radicals and supports healthy tissues
  5. Theracurmin®, a superior form of curcumin that is 27x more absorbable than regular curcumin, for overall wellness

Uncover Body's Tru Age with an Innovative Balance Test

Uncover Body’s Tru Age with an Innovative Balance Test

The test is conducted as follows: Stand on one leg with the other leg raised, without wearing shoes, and with arms crossed. Close eyes and time how long one’s body can maintain balance until the body starts to wobble. The duration of balance achieved indicates the Tru Age of the body, offering a fascinating glimpse into your physical condition. A balance duration of 2 seconds suggests an estimated body age of 70, 3 seconds indicates a body age of 60, 4 seconds corresponds to a body age of 50, 5 seconds for 40, 6 seconds for 30, and 7 seconds for 20. ^

^ Based on the clinical study conducted in the U.S. with over 500 participants, this test found a “significant age dependent decrease” in the ability of an individual to balance on 1 limb in the unipedal stance test (UPST), which is commonly used to measure fitness and also to identify preclinical disabilities.

The Efficiency of NR vs. NMN

While NR (nicotinamide riboside) and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) are the most prominent NAD+ precursors on the market; many researches have proven NR to be more superior than NMN. While NR and NMN are chemically identical, one study revealed that there is one phosphate group that is present in NMN that must be removed and converted into NR before it can enter the cell. Simply put, NMN cannot directly enter the cell, while NR can. When it comes to quality, scientific rigor, and regulatory acceptance, NMN falls short as a dietary supplement; while Niagen® (ChromaDex’s patented NR) is the only patented, broadly studied, and safety-reviewed form of NR.

Tru Niagen® Immune is solely distributed at Watsons stores and online, in single bottle @ $85.80 and a set of 3 bottles @ $257.35 Enjoy up to 25% OFF when you purchase Tru Niagen® Immune or Beauty bundle sets and receive a gift worth $129, while stocks last.
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About ChromaDex

Tru Niagen® Immune is a result of extensive research and innovation by ChromaDex, the company behind the Tru Niagen® brand. With its commitment to scientific excellence that began with promoting healthy ageing by pioneering cutting-edge NAD+ precursors (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), ChromaDex has been a leader in the field of cellular health for over a decade. Visit for additional information on the science supporting Niagen® as well as news, press releases, and other additional and financial information about the company.

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