HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 17 January 2024 – WBTT has recently been officially launched, incorporating a randomness mechanism on the basis of Fair Launch. Utilizing hash randomness, it ensures the openness and transparency of participating users in the game and allows for inquiries on the blockchain explorer.

WBTT, supported by the infrastructure Wubit of Inscription Asset Trading, is an inscription asset that improves upon the Fair Launch model. It goes live in a more interesting and fair manner by applying blockchain technology to ensure the fairness and randomness of asset acquisition. This approach prevents malicious users from engaging in unfair competition through abnormal means, ensuring equitable asset acquisition for every user.

Inscription is a novel asset issuance scheme, enabling non-Turing-complete chain ecosystems to issue assets. The rise of the Inscription track has once again placed the Bitcoin ecosystem at the center of the cryptographic world. This “Fair Launch” method is allowing all participants to engage fairly.

The majority of inscription assets are launched through “Fair Launch.” This method is characterized by a “first come, first served” approach to fair “Minting,” treating VC investors and retail investors equally. Everyone must actively “race for speed” or “luck” to acquire tokens. This fair launch approach has awakened all retail players, leading them to participate enthusiastically in the “Fair Launch” revolution.

The Fair Launch ideology is advanced and resembles a revolutionary experiment, with retail investors moving from the sidelines to center stage. However, Fair Launch has weakened the voice of VC investors and also provided opportunities for dishonest users (scientists), who engage in unfair competition through abnormal means, infringing on the rights of honest users. This is the biggest challenge faced by Fair Launch.

The innovation of WBTT lies in the fact that none of the participating users can know the final winner of the game until its conclusion and the results are announced. After all, no one can crack the hash in advance, leaving bots and malicious users helpless in this model.

Regarding the WBTT token, as more users participate, it will be continuously destroyed, quickly forming a cycle of value generation. This serves as a significant incentive for all users to participate.

In fact, WBTT is part of the inscription ecosystem supported by Wubit. Wubit has built a suite of infrastructure solutions for inscription asset trading, including cross-chain bridges and launchpads, and provides long-term value foundations for various inscription projects, backed by the multi-billion dollar market scale of the inscription sector. In the future, WBTT will play an even more important role in Wubit’s inscription infrastructure, continuously capturing value from outside through long-term empowerment. The earlier WBTT is obtained, the higher the expected value gain.

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