Meet decision makers in Asia, develop relationships and build your business in Malaysia.
UPCOMING BUSINESS MATCHING designed to ensure business people use their time effectively in targeted pre-aranged meetings South Australian Food Sector – B2B Meeting & Networking Lunch and Q3 B2B Business Matching. To attend Fiji: Business Matching & Lunch to participate in the Malaysia to the World Program and if you are outside Malaysia and would like to organize a dedicated Inward Mission
BUSINESS NETWORKING to join our upcoming events, Business Networking & Business Matching sessions click on the following links, “Purchasing Wednesday Networking Lunch”  “Shaping Business Green – Driving Investment” to attend the Food Security Round Table “Bridging the Investment Gap”
Strategic Business Development is our approach to make sure your objectives are met, our networking tagline is ‘With Access Comes Opportunity’  and for business matching ‘Meet The Right People’ join an MGBF event today.


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