KUALA LUMPUR 15th July 2017: KLCC Runners Group, Malaysia’s biggest running community, today announced a partnership with PeopleGiving, the crowdfunding platform that hosts fundraising campaigns for charity partners across Malaysia.

The working partnership will promote running events that allow participants to nominate a charity of their choice to benefit from the profit of ticket sales. This will include an online Virtual Run series (organised runs in a virtual program), and will also extend to major events on the running calendar and campaigns across social media channels to build awareness of programs and innovative new ways that the public can give to charity.

The first event, a charity walkathon, is planned on Sunday 13th August in Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur. ‘Walk2Inspire’ will offer participants the opportunity to walk with nominated individuals and survivors, and to hear about their journey and experiences.

KLCC Runners group founder Matthew Barsing commented, ‘This is a unique partnership that brings together our shared goal of empowering individuals to help transform people’s lives.

We will be developing innovative ways to raise money for great causes, and best of all, make it a real fun experience.”

“This partnership will see a revolution of non-profit and active community groups coming together as a team to do good and give back. Charity will never be the same again.” commented PG President Teoh Chie Lean.

KLCC Runners Group have become high profile within the KL running community and beyond with busy social media pages and an ever growing presence on the running scene. And together with PeopleGiving, they promise to make fundraising a lot more exciting in the future!

For more information please contact:

Brendan Patrick Carey +6012 261 1002



About KLCC Runners Group


With over 25,000 members, KLCC Runners has become Malaysia’s fastest growing running community with busy social media pages and free weekly running events & fitness programs. The group is run by an executive committee headed up by Matthew Barsing, a passionate runner and Aussie living in Malaysia for over 15 years. They also have a free app downloadable from app stores, which acts as a social hub and events calendar, connecting running communities from all over Malaysia. The group’s events and workshops are all free, supported by volunteers and sponsorship and is open to everyone, appealing to people from all backgrounds and races, from elite runners to new starters and others just there for the fun of keeping fit.


About PeopleGiving


Peoplegiving is the first NGO in Malaysia that aims to empower everyday individuals to do their part and give back to the community via a free crowdfunding platform. They support and partner with various NGOs for the common goal of creating awareness and raising funds using the power of social media. To date, there are more than 191 campaigns and a total of RM891K in funds have been raised using Peoplegiving’s online platform. They have partnered with 35 NGOs that support a wide variety of causes ranging from animal welfare to environmental conservation. On top of that, they have also completed more than 20 charity projects and has brought literacy, joy and love back to the community. Some of their most notable projects include The library of hope for the orang asli, Hugs for love and Stage play for cancer kids.


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