“We believe – first and foremost – that beauty is an expression of who we are: how we act; how we care for others; how we look after ourselves. Our products are designed to look after you. Made with pure, potent, supercritical extracts and using only the finest natural ingredients, they are not only good for you, they can help you reveal your true beauty.”

Jennifer Eu, a World Organics Ambassador, explains why she became involved.

I am actually a freelance hair stylist. I have always been interested in a more holistic way to do hair colouring. I use tea based hair colours from Italy.  Tea based means exactly that, they are all made from tea and there are no parabens and some have no ammonia, which is very damaging, the parabens especially with shampoos with no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  It’s not exactly organic, but it is more natural, which I have always been interested in.

My interest in organics is because our health obviously is our concern.  We all love to look good and by looking good nowadays it seems to be at a price, not just for the actual cost of the products, but also for our health and the environment.

I am passionate about going organic because it is less destructive to our bodies and to the environment. There is a saying that: “if you can’t eat it then you shouldn’t put it on your skin!” If it is not safe and you can’t pronounce the ingredients and it has got loads of numbers, colourings and perfumes then generally it is chemical.

I was introduced to World Organics and when I met with the Team Leader Chandrika she gave me a little sample of foundation. That was very nice, it was very moisturising because my skin is very dry.  She also gave me some other testers of moisturiser and eye cream which I totally love and my skin just soaked it up.  It was like my skin was hungry and this was the nourishment it was crying out for!

The products were just what I was looking for, so from there I did more research and decided World Organics matched my holistic philosophy and decided to become an Ambassador.

How are organic products going to help?

Most people know the state the environment is in at the moment. There is a lot of talk about saving the planet, and it is very important because its the only one we have!  We are already killing it by over harvesting and over production

Nowadays a lot of skin and health problems are due partially to chemical and pesticides that are in food or what is in the air, toxins that are being released and put into the atmosphere.  Our bodies are just absorbing it.

In beauty many traditional products, such as creams, shampoos, colours, body lotions and makeup which we use daily, we don’t realise the potential harmful effects of the SLS and parabans.

What we put into our bodies makes a load of difference to our wellbeing and to our mood. The sooner we start to appreciate the importance of this the better.

It is up to all of us to start making a difference in our own little ways. We can start with ourselves and our family and hopefully from there we can spread the word and make the world a better place.

Is it true that a lot of conventional products have lead in them?

It’s fairly common knowledge that many traditional makeup products have some element of lead in them.  Especially lipstick for the staying power.  I’m not quite sure of the scientific side of it, but it is common knowledge that it is quite high in lead and obviously lead in huge amounts is not safe in our system because that would lead to all sorts of complications.  Our bodies are made up of micro magnetic cells.

I recently did a test at a Pharmacy here in Kuala Lumpur which read that my lead count was over double of what it should be. It should have been 0.052-0.643, and mine was 1.391, which is way over the scales. I’m forty four years old and I have been using makeup since I was fourteen years old and I thought I was using pretty decent products.  I have always tried to go as natural as possible, but with makeup until now I have never been able to find good products that were actually organic and natural.

Therefore, I was very excited when I was introduced to World Organics because it really is organic, vegan and natural and all the ingredients are very black and white.

What is the difference between the World Organic products and some of the traditional ‘glamour’ products that ladies might otherwise buy?

What I like about World Organic’s is that it is certified by BioGro from New Zealand, which is the certification for food products.  In order to get the organic certificate, you need to have a farm that has ten miles of radius that is all organic.

World Organics actually has organic farms and source the different ingredients from their farms in India and New Zealand, which leave as little footprint as possible.  They don’t use pesticides or chemicals that go back into the soil and into our bodies.  The other great thing is that the farms are giving local people jobs as well.

What products have you personally used and what have been the results?

For me I love it. I am using the World Organics skin care, make up and lipstick.

With all the traditional beauty products I used to use, whilst it felt good when I put it on, but then after 20 minutes it felt dry.  But with World Organics it feels like my skin is nourished, it feeds it. My skin had been thirsty and hungry and lacking in nourishment.

My skin is naturally very dry, and over the years it been starved of nutrients and just feed chemicals, and maybe a bit of oil here and there.  It got to a point, especially when I lived in England, that I even used Vaseline on my skin because it just felt so dry, but Vaseline is just basically petroleum jelly which it doesn’t nourish anything, it was just a barrier.  With World Organics it feel like a lot more moist than my traditional branded beauty products.

With World Organics a little goes a really long way and it is definitely a lot more affordable than what I used to spend on skin care. It allows your skin to grow. I feel that my skin is a lot happier and it has glow, bringing the colours back to my face.

Like many ladies will appreciate, there has been the odd occasion when I fallen asleep without taking my makeup off.  However the next day my skin feels amazing because it is very moisturising, like the foundation, and I don’t feel bad for not taking my eye liner off for example, because it is all made of aloe vera and natural products.

It’s all about essential oils, plants and berries, it’s all good things and its plant based and its vegan, so there are no animal byproducts.

The only product that is not certified vegan are the lipsticks and that’s only because it contains beeswax. There’s nothing nasty in beeswax, but some vegans are quite particular.  The colours are amazingly good. There are nine different colours which are beautiful, plus lip gloss as well.

With lipstick whether you are eating, drinking and talking, it gets absorbed into the body through the lips.  I find that I am constantly licking or biting my lips and it just goes, so we are always reapplying it.  It tastes good to!  You can eat the all the products, which I like and at least its good for my diet!

How does the pricing compare?

It is actually a lot cheaper than many of the established traditional beauty products which are laden with chemicals.  The lipstick is MYR 99, the cream blush which will last for ages is MYR 90. The most expensive product is MYR 285 which is for the body lotion, so it is very, very affordable considering it is all organic.

Are the products just for the ladies?

No, definitely not, it is for everybody who has skin!  There is a men’s range as well, including shaving foam, moisturiser, plus deodorant and face wash.

It really depends on how you like the smell. World Organics created the men’s range for guys that might not to smell of rose or juniper berries!  There is also a baby range for children, but anyone can use the products.

Is there a range for sun block?

Yes, there is sun block on a stick for babies but then again anyone can use it. It’s SPF factor 30 and it is in a stick, so it is easy to carry around and good for the face.  There is also a body sun lotion, again SPF factor 30, and there is a lotion which is very nice which they have revamped the formulation.  It’s can appear a little bit thick and appear a bit white on the skin for a couple minutes, but a little bit goes a long way, so you just spread it out and it will soak into the skin.  Of course like all sun creams if you have swimming or after a while you have to keep reapplying it.

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“World Organics strives to provide ethically-produced, high-quality skin care. We believe in natural beauty and natural ingredients. Stuff that’s not only good for our skin, but good for the Earth too!”

For more information, please contact Jennifer Eu:

Mobile:            +60 12 334 0235

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Website:          www.worldorganics.com.my/JensWorld


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