Corporate Change Malaysia – 19th July

Malaysia has undergone a historic shift in leadership. This shift in political leadership is necessary for the rejuvenation of the nation. As part of this rejuvenation and openness the government will have to address serious challenges within the ranks of […]

Corporate Change Malaysia – 19th July2018-06-29T12:19:17+08:00

Singapore Airshow – Update

Thuraya Telecommunications Company will be showcasing its airborne satellite communications service, Thuraya Aero, and meeting with officials from the aerospace sector at the upcoming Singapore Airshow. Thuraya’s team, alongside partners from smp aviation, will be located at booth #H-91 during […]

Singapore Airshow – Update2018-02-04T23:15:40+08:00

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response

Imagine waking up this morning, there is 10 missed calls on your phone and countless SMS’s and WhatsApps from your boss and members of the media asking about the crisis that just hit your organisation, What will you do? how well have your prepared and what tools do you have […]

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response2017-08-16T14:10:31+08:00

Malaysia Reforms: The Aviation Industry in Malaysia

The recent back and forward in the media between airlines and regulators in Malaysia has seen a series of new revelations and a lot of issues come to the forefront, what is clear is that the aviation industry in Malaysia needs to get focused on solutions and quickly. What that […]

Malaysia Reforms: The Aviation Industry in Malaysia2018-06-28T08:45:23+08:00

Muslim Pro sign MoU with Project Amal

Muslim Pro, which is currently the world’s number #1 Muslim Lifestyle App has expanded its operations to Malaysia. The set-up of Muslim Pro Malaysia is a natural move for the company as Malaysia is currently a Top 5 market for […]

Muslim Pro sign MoU with Project Amal2018-06-02T18:09:51+08:00

Tracking ocean salinity from space using colour

Ocean colour could serve as a reliable proxy for salinity, opening the door for more frequent and detailed measurements.

Copyright : Dr. Md. Sufian Idris

Measuring salinity at the ocean’s surface is important for tracking global ocean circulation as well as local […]
Tracking ocean salinity from space using colour2018-02-14T02:43:19+08:00

Hawker Pacific Continues to Ride Strong Business Aviation Growth in the Asia-Pacific


  • Hawker Pacific’s 33% year-on-year growth in business aviation and MRO

  • Hawker Pacific lines up top-level business delegation for Asia’s premier aviation show

Hawker Pacific, the leading aviation solutions provider in Asia, Pacific and the Middle East, is proud to support the remarkable growth of business aviation in the Asian region with attendance […]

Hawker Pacific Continues to Ride Strong Business Aviation Growth in the Asia-Pacific2018-02-01T21:56:20+08:00

Crisis Management Centre Featured on BERNAMA TV

The Crisis Management Centre was featured on BERNAMA TV earlier this week, the Founder, Nordin Abdullah was featured on the English Language program “The Nation”.

“It is a real honour to be interviewed on national television especially, BERNAMA TV which is […]

Crisis Management Centre Featured on BERNAMA TV2017-12-12T12:17:26+08:00

Innovation in Humanities & Social Sciences

Defence Confernce
8th International Conference on

Humanities and Social Sciences

(ICHiSS 2016)

“Innovation in Humanities and Social Sciences: Opportunities and Challenges”

Date: May 27-29 May 2016


Innovation in Humanities & Social Sciences2016-01-01T13:25:58+08:00

The Future of American Business in Malaysia

What are the key industry sectors that American companies will be able to dominate in Malaysia? What unique strategies will be effective for American companies competing in South East Asia as China expands its economic influence? What are some of the simple mistakes that many companies make during the set […]

The Future of American Business in Malaysia2016-07-25T10:48:41+08:00
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