Malaysia has undergone a historic shift in leadership. This shift in political leadership is necessary for the rejuvenation of the nation. As part of this rejuvenation and openness the government will have to address serious challenges within the ranks of the GLCs.

Large numbers of high ranking GLC business leaders have been appointed by political expediency rather than practical abilities, or they were hampered in their abilities to execute the correct strategic decisions because the political climate under the prior government made this hard to achieve.

The present danger is that large blocks of GLCs crucial for Malaysia’s economic future are currently ill suited to deliver the services and decisions urgently needed to support the nation. The culture prevalent in many GLCs is largely driven by a Victim mentality out of step with the speed, transparency & accountability we urgently need to maintain and grow Malaysia’s competitiveness

  • Low to no true management and leadership capacity
  • Comfort zone and turf king mentality
  • No real accountability and business acumen
  • Political decisions rather than decisions based on clear strategic imperatives
  • Low ability to comprehend and read the emerging innovation landscape that is re-writing the rules of business
  • ‘Bailout mentality’ – in case things go wrong the government will save us
  • Reactive mind-set in the ranks, do as they are told
  • Inability to attract and retain the best-and-brightest young talent
  • Lack of aggressive business instincts and entrepreneurial drive
  • Relying on ‘flashy’ initiatives, slogans and motivational drives in the face of bad performance instead of implementing the necessary deep-reaching changes necessary to turn the organizations entrusted to them into business powerhouses for the benefit of the Rakyat

It is crucial for the nation’s future to turn the GLCs in question around. The prevalent Victim mentality that was fostered by a politically suppressive system needs to be changed.

The leadership and working culture needs to be transformed into from oppressive, politics-driven to one of a mature team of people serving the highest good of the nation. A culture of speed, transparency and accountability empowering them to contribute in full measure to the economic development of the nation.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum together with the Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a lunch talk on the 19th of July to discuss the challenges of rapid organizational change and the solutions moving forward.  The lunch speaker will be Roger Konopasek. Contact us for more details

Over the past 20 years, Roger Konopasek has worked hand in hand with top executives in several of the globally most recognized companies such as HP, Nestle, Coca Cola, Philips, Dell, Citibank, Maybank, Malaysian Airlines, Petronas, Axiata-Celcom, Ceva Logistics, supporting their leaders to create measurable accelerated rates of change in the teams. Re-shaping the way managers lead teams of highly bought-in individuals who fully align themselves with the company’s purpose and goals.

His direct, hands-on strategies enroll key stakeholders to bring about the deep and lasting transformations necessary to create accelerated working environments crucial to thrive in the exponential change ecology dictating today’s market reality.

Roger’s teachings and high success rates supporting individuals on their transformation journey are based on his own life’s experiences. Having grown up and worked over half the globe (Colombia, Chile, Peru, Philippines, Austria, Australia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain) he has developed one of the most powerful and deep reaching transformation methods available today. His unique approach allows individuals to release old/obsolete paradigms fast, creating the opportunity to move the individual to achieve his/her highest potential using a step-by-step transformation methodology.

Roger is the author of 4 books, is a regular on radio shows such as BFM, and Lite FM and a trusted strategic advisor to top managers throughout the Asia Pacific market.


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