The Crisis Management Centre was featured on BERNAMA TV earlier this week, the Founder, Nordin Abdullah was featured on the English Language program “The Nation”.

“It is a real honour to be interviewed on national television especially, BERNAMA TV which is an official channel in Malaysia.  The need for crisis management, including pre-crisis management is growing in the country with corporations looking to protect themselves from external and internal threats.”

Nordin spoke about many issues facing the corporate sector “For those companies that experience a major crisis it is important to know that effective management will reduce the negative effects, simple things, has your CEO or media spokesperson been properly trained to handle the pressure of a press conference during a crisis?” in recent times several public listed companies have faced major problems which have effected share prices negatively.

In the public sector there have been areas that can be developed to ensure that the country doesn’t fall behind the rest of the region when it comes to crisis management, “Malaysia has seen its fair share of crisis over the past few years, it has been the attention of the international media because of two major airline incidents, authorities had to rewrite the play book both times.”

The Crisis Management Centre has been established to assist individuals, corporations and governments to manage all aspects of crisis. To prepare teams prior to a crisis, to support and guide leaders during a crisis and to contribute in the recovery post crisis through effective strategy development and planning, capacity building, stakeholder engagement and communications.

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