Energy & Environment
Sarawak will be a net exporter of Energy by the end of 2010, under the SCORE, Hydro-Energy Production and linkages with heavy energy consuming industry is high on the agenda.  This is now driving billions dollars for trade and investment into Sarawak.

Food & Biotech
Already a major exporter of food, especially palm oil and pepper, Sarawak is designated to be the rice bowl of Malaysia.  This is coupled with the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub which will be the largest Halal and Eco-Friendly industrial zone in the world.

Educational linkages between leading Universities in Malaysia and Sarawak with world class universities and research organisations is often the forerunner to greater economic activity, currently two Australian universities have established campuses in the State.

Tourism & Services
Developing tourism with a focus on sustainable Tourism, Sarawak is the home of the world heritage listed Mulu Caves, just one of the attractions helping to create the next wave of investment.  The State is also developing the service sector to move into the high value economy.

Infrastructure & Development
Sarawak is currently developing at an amazing rate, several Billion have been allocated for infrastructure and development projects by the Federal Government, projects include highways, railways, port expansion, airport expansion, housing, power generation and much more


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