Innovation Catalyst

This 2-day session will introduce new approaches to gathering business insights and solving problems creatively. Learn how to innovate along the entire value chain as we cover topics as diverse as production, offerings, delivery, markets and business models – to help you stay ahead of the market and your competitors. Register today to help your business achieve the next breakthrough!

Key Takeaways

  1. To facilitate innovative thinking in generating ideas for the business ecosystem
  2. Identify the need to capture innovation premiums to become the top company/ enterprise to invest in, the brand to buy, the partner of choice and a great place to work
  1. Practice building innovation techniques through creative combinations of compelling trends, basic human needs and simple yet proven business models for creating new value across the innovation value chain
  2. Define growth target and strategic thrusts
  3. Identify trends and insights, prioritize new areas for the company to partake in, generate new business concepts and create a compelling value proposition

Are you looking to:

Kick start innovative thinking?

Learn new approaches to gather business insights and solve problem creatively?

Innovate along the entire value chain – production, offerings, delivery, markets and business model – to lock out competition?

Help business to achieve the next breakthrough?

Partner with other business owners to explore opportunities along the value chain, leveraging on the proven framework of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). You’ll be able to gather more “dots” and new insights to achieve breakthrough innovations.

Course Content

Why Innovate?

Map innovation premiums for their business to get greater shareholder returns, more loyal customers, better partners and higher quality employees. Identify competition that could potentially disrupt the business and industry, from the usual and “unusual” competitors.

What is Business Innovation?

Evaluate business innovation from changes in business models, partners, experience, delivery and markets. Examine and develop ideas for innovation breakthrough focusing on four key components: trends, needs, business models and combined capabilities.

Where and How to Innovate?

Conduct an audit to assess and identify innovation gaps Define a clear innovation focus using 5-step process: i) Innovation intent ii) Opportunity Insights iii) Fields-of-Play iv) Business Concepts  v) Business Case

Fees: RM1900 per person




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