I am the Managing Director of Lynas Malaysia and I’m writing to you on behalf of our employees and contractors and their families.

In recent weeks you may have seen a campaign of false information by anti-Lynas activists. We have always welcomed informed debate, however, the spreading of false allegations and misinformation is unacceptable.

We cannot allow lies to stand unchallenged and we will not hesitate to take legal action against those who persist in defaming our people and our company.

Lynas Malaysia is a law-abiding company. The Pakatan Harapan government’s Executive Review Committee report, released in December 2018, was the latest of four national and international reviews to have found our operations to be low risk and compliant with laws and regulations.  This view is supported by Malaysia’s eminent scientists.

We are proud of our outstanding employment, health, safety and environmental record. So the question must be asked — why is Lynas Malaysia being targeted by a small group of activists when the company has repeatedly been shown to have met all of its health, safety and environmental obligations?

Lynas Malaysia is accredited to international ISO standards and we have been recognised with many Malaysian and international awards for our health, safety and environmental practices.  Recent independent and government audits of our operations, undertaken as part of regulatory oversight, confirm we are not only compliant but implementing best practice management.

Our many supporters know the truth about Lynas and today we are proud to share the truth with you.

On behalf of the Lynas Malaysia team, terima kasih.

* Datuk Mashal Ahmad is the VP & Managing Director of Lynas Malaysia.

Tis news appeared in https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2019/07/28/the-truth-about-lynas/


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