Financial stress is perceived to be one of the most important sources of psycho-social stress because so many of the basic activities of daily life are associated with personal financial resources and their management. Financial stress is one of the major contributions to family problem. Properly manage the financial stress is very crucial nowadays in order to maintain life balance and stay focus. 50% of financial stress can be reduced through proper skill.

1) Identify financial stresses
2) Implement stress management strategies
3) Reduce stress by 50%
4) Real life stories & case study
5) Interactive learning in comfortable environment

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Recognize the causes of financial stress and its impact on client.
2. Identify financial stresses level faced by client.
3. Identify 5 effective financial stress management strategies.
4. Implement the strategies to reduce the clients financial stress by 50% and maintain financial wellness

In the course, you will be introduced on the relationship between the financial stress and your career performance. By gaining this perspective, the instructor will bring you to explore and to identify the root of your possible financial stress and the strategies to reduce it. The following is the agenda of the event:

1. The relationship of financial stress to job
2. Identify whether the participant are having any financial stress
3. What are the top 5 common financial stresses?
4. What are the strategies to reduce the financial stresses?
5. Re-assess participants financial stress level
6. Summary

Who Should Attend?
a) Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Team Leaders, Decision Makers who are committed to lead their team toward financial wellness and successful in career and life.
b) Financial Professionals who look for upholding their skills, professionalism and knowledge in order to serve their clients better.

Yong Chu Eu— Continuing Professional Education/Development (SIDC, FiMM & MFPC) & HRDF Certified Corporate Trainer, Licensed Financial Advisor (Shariah RFP, CFP, FAR & CMSRL) & Strategic Partner of Fin Freedom Sdn Bhd.


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