Kuala Lumpur, 25 th July 2019– The 6 th Annual MURFEST with its DREAMLAND Edition, returns with an amazing line-up of world class presenters, a market place of health and wellness with the Just Be Markets @ Murfest, and more, all happening at the venue host, the majestic Palace of The Golden Horses, Mines Wellness City.

With 3 days of festivities in conjunction with MURFEST 2019, dubbed as Asia's Premier Wellness Festival, MURFEST offers participants once in a lifetime experience. Participants will have a chance to practice with the best yogi’s in the world, dance to fantastic music, play different instruments and sing with professional vocalist while still having time for a healthy meal and some dedicated time for therapeutic massages all at the Palace of Golden Horses.

Strategic collaboration between MURFEST and GHHS Wellness will see more Urban Retreats and Corporate Wellness engagements in months to come. GHHS Wellness is a world-class preventive healthcare centre in Malaysia, complete with Western diagnostic technology and Eastern traditional treatment. On top of that, there is myriad of health tourism and wellness programs designed for a holistic healthier lifestyle will be develop to further explore the growing market share in the region.

Throughout the years, MURFEST has placed Malaysia into the global wellness map by promoting Malaysia as Asia's No. 1 Health & Wellness destination. MURFEST is also proud to support the "Visit Malaysia 2020& an important initiative that has received the support and endorsement of the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad.

By the year 2020, Malaysia will welcome a total of 36 million tourists and register RM168 billion in tourist receipts. Wellness Tourism is undoubtedly a key focus. Moreover, MURFEST is a pivotal platform to assist in fulfilling this promising fact. Wellness tourism is the fastest growing travel sector globally and Malaysia is listed in the top 10 wellness tourism markets in Asia Pacific with expenditures standing at RM20.5 billion and 8.3 million trips with a growing trend for wellness vacations and packages especially to Malaysia.

MURFEST has been dubbed as the “URBAN RETREAT” not to be missed in this region.

Today, many corporates and businesses are taking a different approach to stress management within the workforce and encouraging its employees to be more mindful whilst still Empowering them to make positive shifts in their lives. MURFEST is proud to be able to provide this platform of service to the people seeking a difference as a form of team building exercise, but not in the traditional way, but rather via a 3 day Urban retreat at a wellness festival, that has grown from leaps and bounds to where it is positioned itself today.

MURFEST also looks forward to mindful collaborations with Brands and Companies that focuses towards wellness, fitness, beauty and health not just in Malaysia but regionally.

Whether you are a yogi, dancer, music-lover, healthy-eating enthusiast or simply on a path of self-discovery to try something fun, new, and exciting, MURFEST is the place to be this November! Tickets are priced from RM175.

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