15th DECEMBER 2016


The Malaysia Global Business Forum is pleased to be able to support the efforts of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Malaysia as they organise the Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Forum themed “Mutual Business Opportunities Between Sri Lanka & Malaysia” which will be held on the 15th of December, 2016 at the Intercontinetal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The business delegation which is held in parallel with the official visit of the Hon. Maithripala Sirisena President of Sri Lanka to Malaysia is an excellent opportunity for Malaysian business relations with several leading companies from various sectors.

Malaysia and Sri Lankan share long standing cultural and business ties and this business forum will further strengthen the goodwill that already exists between the business people of both countries.

For more information about the companies participating please refer to the following list

Company Profiles

  • CRG GROUP – Established in the year 1995 and now became as Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of fruits and vegetables. Some of our most demanded produce include; Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Tapioca, Snake-gourd, Bitter-gourd, String beans. The assurance teams work tirelessly to maintain high standards in freshness of exports in order to meet the expectations of international clientele. The company is ensuring a consistent and timely service to our customers, whilst maintaining unparalleled quality. These efforts have been crowned as we are now accredited with the prestigious ISO 9002 and ISO 22000 standards. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA: Study technical know-how of postharvest for fruits & vegetables wish to meet post harvest technology consultants.
  • SRI LANKA EXPORT DEVELOPMENT BOARD – Ms. Indira Malwatte holding a Combined Degree in Economics and Geography from the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka is the first woman Chairperson of the EDB. She has 40 years of experience in serving the Government both internationally and locally as a Top Export Promotion Officer facilitating exports and hands on experience as a COO serving in the private sector and exporting a highly perishable product and entering new and demanding markets where the Company had the honour of being the first Agricultural entity in Sri Lanka to be Global GAP Certified. She has an in-depth knowledge on multi-sectors ranging from Industrial, Agricultural and Services in Supply Chain Management and International Marketing.Ms. Indira Malwatte has served as the focal point on a number of World Bank, ITC, GIZ,CBI and JETRO export development projects. She has also served a number of Government and Private Sector Boards and undertaken a number of product development and export related consultancies.In July 2016,Ms Malwatte was awarded “Lifetime Award for Business and Economics” by the Women’s International Film & Television showcase in London UK and the first in Sri Lanka to receive the Award.
  • FROSTAIRE – A Pioneer in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry in Sri Lanka since 1980, and one of the largest suppliers of air conditioning & refrigeration products. Also provide insulated cold room panels & refrigerated truck units as well as a leading supplier of purified tube ice & bottled water in Sri Lanka. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – Manufacturing of Air Conditioners/Electrical/Electronic items, Construction, Food processing. Looking for JV in the field of education & the above sectors. To bring in investors to Sri Lanka.
  • GREEN WAY ASIA LANKA PVT LTD – Green Way Asia Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a leading cashew nuts processing and exporting company in Sri Lanka complying with international quality standards ISO 22000 FSMS, HACCP, GMP certified product “ROYAL CASHEW” in raw form and with19 flavors, packed for cater Cashew Nut lovers all over the world under the Brand Name of Royal. Our Sister company under same MD running 15 Cashew Outlets in all prestigious business locations. We produce Value Added Cashew Nuts in raw form and with 19 flavours such as,Salted, Hot & Spicy, Dry Roasted Salted, Dry Roasted Hot & Spicy, Masala, Garlic, Burnt, Sugar Coated, Cheese, Cheese & Onion, Chilli Garlic, Chilli Seasoning, BBQ, Spanish Tomato, Shrimp & Red Onion, Salt Extra Fine, Hot Pepper, Sour Cream & Onion & Honey Cashews. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – Company wish to distribute throughout Malaysia. Looking for a joint venture / Invest for Organic Cashew Cultivation and invest for upgrade existing Cashew Processing Plant. Interesting on Confectionery related company / Importer and distributor.
  • SRI LANKA HANDICRAFTS BOARD – LAKSALA – Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board – Laksala, the only state owned gift and souvenir boutique that offers the widest range of Sri Lankan Art & Crafts, Tea, Gems & Jewellery, Handloom & Batik and other products at reasonable prices at conveniently located island wide stopovers. Laksala is linked to more than 5,000 leading master craftsmans and entrepreneurs who operate at their own rural and cottage industries island wide. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – Interest on Export of Gift & Souvenir. Wish to meet Gift & Souvenir whole sale Companies and Gift & Souvenir impostors and Distributors.
  • ELLAWALA EXPORTS (PVT) LTD/RENELLE PRIVATE LIMITED – A Pioneer in both the agriculture field and the Gem Industry. Ellawala Exports (Pvt) Ltd., the holding company was founded in 1978 to export gems, and rapidly became a leading exporter of gem stones and gem set jewellery from Sri Lanka. The company is the winner of many exports awards for its export performance. Company specializes in natural coloured gemstones. The product line consists mainly of faceted free size un-heated sapphires of all grades, particularly in larger sizes from medium to high quality. The sapphire range includes blue, pink, yellow sapphires and an array of sapphires in pastel colours, rubies, star sapphires and star rubies. In addition, a selection of other important gemstones such as cats-eye chryoberyl and alexandrite. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – Seeking trading partner for Gems and Jewellery Business.
  • SAPPHIRE CAPITAL GROUP & SAPPHIRE CUTTERS LTD – Sapphire Cutters (Pvt) Ltd., is a worldwide well known company rooted in history, dating back to 1890, The is expanded all over the world such as United States, Australia, Sri Lanka etc. By 1973 gem mining in Sri Lanka increased and many valuable gems were found.  Through those years the business increased a lot. The Buying Office in China Fort, Beruwela, Sri Lanka facilitates Visiting Overseas Gem Buyers. Just as in Chanthaburi, Thailand – Ratnapura & Beruwela are the Main GEM trading areas. Today, Sapphire Cutters, a family owned business has become a dependable supplier of well cut good quality Gemstones, certified as NATURAL or ONLY HEATED by well reputed GIA and FGA qualified Gemmologists.His career began with gemstones and today he remains passionate to the natural rare minerals. He holds various positions in a diversified Industry such as the Chairman of the Sapphire Capital Group, Managing Director of Sapphire Cutters Ltd, Director of Cantaloupe Hotels, Chairman of Cantaloupe Jewels, Director of Sri Lanka Relocations, Evisalaw and SCG Advisory. He has been appointed as the President of the GIA Alumni chapter in Sri Lanka at the Gemmological Institute of America. He is currently a member of the Executive-Committee at the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association &  holds the position of Director /Board Member at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry –FCCISL.From 2012-2015 Armil was in the Board of Directors of the Sri Lanka National Gem & Jewellery Authority, Chairman of Foreign Promotions at the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association, Deputy Chairman of Facets Sri Lanka &  Vice Chairman at the ICA Congress 2015 Conference of the Events Committee 2014-2015. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – Mergers and acquisitions, targeting and Integration; and International trade Partnerships.
  • SILK ROUTE CEYLON MERCHANTS (PVT) LTD – Manufacturer and exporter of quality tea under brand of “CEYLON KISSES” and virgin coconut oil. The company sources its teas from the best tea estates, which are in the provinces of UVA, Dimbula, Ruhuna, Nuwara Eliya & Kandy; glorious upland country elevations with dry, invigorating air, which is not only beneficial for the health but is exceptionally favorable for the production of tea of the highest quality. INTEREST IN MALAYSIA – To meet the importers and distributors of Tea and virgin coconut oil traders in malaysia.
To secure a meeting with the delegation please contact :
Ms. Farra Alia
+6017 248 2919


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