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According to latest statement Cellebrite today announced the launch of its Global Virtual Summit Series, Connect, taking place between October 20th through November 19th of this year. Cellebrite will be hosting these summits in regions across the world to showcase how DI solutions accelerate the collection of digital data while finding relevant evidence that leads to resolving investigations and solving crimes.

The Connect Global Virtual Summits will provide a dynamic lineup of speakers including Cellebrite executives and leading subject matter experts. The virtual summit series consists of events tailored to each region, including Asia-PacificNorth AmericaLatin AmericaEurope, the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Cellebrite will host two-types of Connect Summits specifically for law enforcement, security agencies and military, along with dedicated summits for private sector enterprises with a focus on corporate investigators and eDiscovery professionals.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Alison Brooks, IDC’s Vice President, Public Safety, Smart Cities and Communities. She will join Cellebrite CMO, Mark Gambill, for a Fireside Chat to discuss the critical juncture the law enforcement community is at today and the opportunity it presents to establish a new digital policing framework with Digital Intelligence. Additionally, Ryan O’ Leary, Senior Research Analyst, Legal, Risk, & Compliance at IDC, will speak to the current state and future of corporate investigations and best practices in eDiscovery.

“Our goal with the Cellebrite Connect Global Virtual Summit series is to create a forum for digital investigation leaders, eDiscovery professionals, and the DFIR community to participate in sessions, ask questions, and use these resources to achieve a safer world,” said Mark Gambill, CMO of Cellebrite. “We believe having a comprehensive Digital Intelligence strategy is key to enabling law enforcement and enterprises to transform their investigative workflow and to operate more efficiently while growing their capabilities.”

Anticipated Connect Summit Highlights Include:

  • The Digital Intelligence Transformation

    We live in a world where our lives are more closely connected through digital technology than ever before. Hear our vision and mission for creating a safer world.

  • Industry Trends and Challenges

    Take an in-depth look at the role of digital evidence in modern-day investigations, and the latest trends with digital data.

  • What’s Really Happening In The Field

    Hear real-life cases from around the world and see how implementing a DI strategy into existing workflows helps accelerate investigations.

To register to attend a summit and learn more, visit https://www.cellebrite.com/en/connect/.


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