Melaka, 28th June 2016 – TODAY, 28th June 2016, was a day filled with bright ideas and fervour! Youth leaders from all around the world discussed and worked in expressing their opinions and thoughts in form of recommendations, which will be adopted for development of environmental policies.


 Prospects were given to all participants as one of the principal concerns of young people worldwide as it has direct implications for their well being both now and in the future. They were divided in groups and asked to suggest solutions, develop ideas, interact with one another and present their discussions.

 The workshop was based on the role of all stakeholders in achieving environmental sustainability. A platform was given to participants as an opportunity to share their ideas and recommend ways to improve them.

 After a busy day, the participants were treated to a delicious delicacies at Restaurant Melayu continue with relaxing Melaka river cruise filled with joy and happiness. A short tour was also taking place at Taming Sari Tower, in which the participants enjoyed the view of Melaka from 150 meters above the ground.

 A meeting to draft the declaration of recommendations pertaining to youth and environmental sustainability was convened at night. The purpose was for all participants to give their different views and perspectives related to the issues of environment to come up with the most suitable solutions and recommendations. The different ideas were then discussed upon which the most appropriate solution was derived.

 Interesting philosophies, knowledge and thoughts were passed around to both speakers and participants creating magnificent discussions upon which some agreed and others agreed to disagree.

 It was an incredible way to get through yet another fruitful day.


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