The growth of the drone industry has been more exciting than ever, what more with the current digital progression era. The opportunity to revolutionize the airspace management has transformed some of the daily routines we exercise and will continue to do so with this rapid advancement. Some of the most common industries drones have touched globally are Construction, Agriculture and Infrastructure. Here in Malaysia, several large enterprises have already started using drones and are now looking for ways to scale their operations. It is not a  surprise for corporations to adopt drone technology as there are clear economic benefits and increased in task efficiency.

Malaysia Global Business Forum’s partner, the Human Capital Review had the privilege to hear from Malaysia’s leading drone training academy – Drone Academy Asia on the importance of bridging the gap between the workforce skill needed and technology. Just like any other implementation of technology throughout history, for nations and corporations to adopt it seamlessly, they need to be trained. According to Erin Ho, the Chief Marketing Officer, Drone Academy Asia takes pride of being the heart of this growth.

She mentioned that it has been a challenging yet exciting journey for the organization to move forward in fully embracing drone technology to create fresh opportunities. When asked on the importance to bridge this gap, Erin emphasized that only by having a solid training and education, we are able to build a sustainable drone ecosystem in Malaysia to create high value jobs while shaping our nation’s workforce.

According to the Human Capital Review, Drone Academy Asia is aggressively leading the front face of prominent organizations leveraging on the Southeast Asian market and dedicated to contribute to the country being industrial revolution-ready. The Human Capital Review themselves on the other hand focuses on the development of human capital, with a simple approach of “Building People, Building the Future”. They believe that Drone Academy Asia’s vision of creating a better future with better education will have a massive and visible impact on the nation’s workforce because of the relevance of their training and technology


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