Entropia Group, the award-winning new age consultancy-meets-agency, has launched EXR (Entropia Extended Reality), strengthening the company’s experience design offering and bringing the revolutionary immersive technologies of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to their client base.

Set to fully transform our daily lives with the advent of 5G, and change the way humans interact with technology forever, Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term for all immersive technologies that augment the truth and extend the reality we experience. It blurs the line between the physical and virtual worlds and includes haptics, holograms and an ever-expanding range of immersive tools that use and enhance our natural senses.

Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia and head of EXR, commented: “We are excited to launch EXR and bring the limitless possibilities of Extended Reality for business transformation. These technologies can now help brands engage with both existing and prospective customers in real-time through new and unique experiences customised for their specific needs. Think immersive storytelling, product visualisation, virtual customer service, XR commerce and much more. With Entropia Extended Reality, we’re looking to the future, pushing boundaries once again, while changing and moulding the thin fabric of reality as we know it!”

“The technology is beginning to open up vast new markets for businesses, which is why our EXR core offering is a full spectrum of cutting-edge tech integrating strategy, creative, technology, data and production,” he continued.

The impact of XR on business ranges from its ability to remove distance, provide access to experts more effectively, share information, and deliver new experiences for customers. It is not just limited to Marketing and Advertising, but can be seen across the business value chain, from HR & training, retail/eCommerce, manufacturing, customer service, entertainment, healthcare and education.

Joining the EXR team as Principal Consultant (XR), is Graham Williams, who brings considerable experience in building technology startups in Malaysia and Singapore, focusing on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Geo Spatial, and Big Data for retail, manufacturing and education.

Commenting on the launch, Graham said: “To be human is to tell stories: who we are, where we have been, and where we want to be are central to our core and our sense of self.  In many ways, technology is simply the pursuit of better ways to communicate, which means XR is a natural evolution from cave painting, the book press, television and the internet. Blending the digital and the real, XR is a medium that finds the magic intersection between art, data and technology.”

In the last few months, Entropia Group has acquired the 360 video production business from award-winning Singapore-based Virtual Reality company, VOSTOK VR; teamed up with Malaysian e-commerce giant, Lazada to showcase impactful Extended Reality experiences at the Lazada WECOMMERCE 2019 seller’s conference; and worked with a number of other blue-chip clients already on board the extended reality transformation journey, including an interactive virtual museum of UMW’s history, bringing AR to the streets with Fox Sports, a smart eye-hydration test using phone AR for Alcon, a 360 virtual history of Pos Malaysia, and a virtual geo spatial AR showroom tour of Nippon Paint, among others.


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