The vulnerability of young people to drug abuse has in recent years become a major concern. The consequences of widespread drug abuse and trafficking, particularly for young men and women, are all too apparent. Violence, particularly street violence, often results from drug abuse and illicit drug networks.


Today, there is widespread recognition among Member States and United Nations entities that drug abuse, together with organised crime, jeopardise the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. It is increasingly clear that drug control must become an essential element of our joint efforts to achieve peace, security and sustainable development. At the same time, we must reinforce our commitment to shared responsibility and the basic principles of health and human rights.

Celebrated annually and worldwide on the 26th June, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking has an aim in bringing awareness and emphasising on the hazards of drug addiction and illegal trafficking. This day aspires to highlight drug abuse as a major deterrent to humanity and socio-economic growth as well as melanoma to the well-being of the youth which in overall distort the sustainable development of a nation. This day serves as a reminder of the goals agreed to by Member States of creating an international society free of drug abuse.

We, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), work on empowering youth leaders and youth organisations especially for that matter related to awareness and collaboration in achieving a generation free of drug abuse. Realising that, we have published a book in 2009‘Youth & Drugs Abuse’ ( with the purpose of educating young people on the danger of drug abuse. In 2008, we also organised the 8th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) with a theme ‘Towards a Drug Free Generation’ where youth and youth leaders convened and came up with ideas or rather suggestions (declaration) on how to address the issue of drug abuse (

The prolonging WAY’s commitment also reflects on our recent co-organised event, the IFNGO Youth Healthy Lifestyle Workshop, which took place on November 2015. The Resolution of this fruitful event is available at the following link: We shall continue carrying out our mission and with joint effort, we could together achieve a generation free of drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Happy International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking!


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