Welcome to the Human Capital Review!

The Human Capital Review is a media brand dedicated to the development of human capital, with a simple approach of “Building People, Building the Future”. The Human Capital Review focuses news and views that are effecting those managing our most important resource, our people.
The Human Capital Review has dedicated content focusing the latest news, views and happenings with sections on:
  • Profiles of HR professionals
  • Issues facing the HR Industry
  • Training & Event Facilities (Hotels, Convention Centres & Team Building Venues)
  • Regulatory Issues & Policy changes
  • HR News & Current Affairs
  • Upcoming HR Conferences
  • External training programs
  • Internal training providers
  • Reviews of trends in the training industry
  • Announcement of appointments in the industry

The Human Capital Review will be rolling out its own set of awards at the end of 2018, for those interested in nominating a company or an individual do let us know.

The Human Capital Review will be hosted on the Malaysia Global Business Forum, on the 26th of Julythe full site will be launched at www.HumanCapitalReview.com

The Human Capital Review is designed to engage with HR professionals and for those brands and products looking to provide solution to this highly competitive market. For the communications professionals who want to develop a relationship with these important decision makers, contact our team today to arrange a review.



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