According to latest statement, KSK Land is taking a different approach with “REBOOT”, an innovative recruitment programme which aims to create new opportunities for local talent looking to restart their careers.

As the old aphorism goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Such sentiments don’t only affect graduates who aren’t quite sure about their calling in life, but also mid-career individuals looking for a fresh start. But while most companies still prefer hiring candidates equipped with industry-related experience, KSK Land is taking a different approach with “REBOOT”, an innovative recruitment programme which aims to create new opportunities for local talent looking to restart their careers.

The idea behind REBOOT is to provide a platform that encourages career comebacks. Candidates who sign up for REBOOT will undergo a 12-month long development programme and, depending on their performance, will receive an opportunity to gain full-time employment at KSK Land. The REBOOT programme is open to all Malaysians with a minimum of 2 years working experience.

“REBOOT is more than just a platform for career development; it is a journey of discovery for our new Tribe members who are looking to restart their career, while exploring their passions or interests, in order to achieve their highest potential,” said Joanne Kua, CEO of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land. “We are looking to recruit a good mix of people from different backgrounds, capabilities, and perspectives who are not only passionate about the real estate industry but are also driven to challenge the status quo. Our goal is to produce all-rounded trailblazers who are eager to partake in our journey and be involved in our upcoming 8 Conlay development as well as other future-forward projects in the near future. This is what sets us apart from the competition.”

As a developer in the lifestyle property segment, KSK Land places emphasis on building meaningful diversity into their hiring practices as they believe that teams with multiple viewpoints are better positioned to unlock innovation that drives market growth. Numerous members of the KSK Tribe hail from various professional backgrounds ranging from healthcare and tourism to computer science and fashion. Additionally, engineers or graduates from any discipline who sign up for REBOOT will be provided with ample opportunities to explore their commercial skills.

The REBOOT programme will mentor and support successful candidates through continuous on-the-job training, working with the latest state-of-the-art technology and first-hand exposure working alongside KSK Land’s internationally recognized brand partners which includes one of the most established 5-star luxury hoteliers, Kempinski Hotels.

Your Journey to REBOOT

To participate in the REBOOT programme, interested candidates must go through an application process which starts from a video call screening with the People & Culture team. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend KSK Land’s ‘Open House’, an interactive session to explore the company’s working culture and people. Candidates will also be assessed through problem-solving assessments, and meet with the hiring committee.

Successful candidates will be offered a position in the programme and will focus on two key areas of their choice. These areas include project management, sales and marketing, retail, accounting and finance, and contract management. Supported by selected and experienced mentors from KSK Land, new Tribe members will undertake a multi-day onboarding program, mentorship and buddy program, networking support and real project training through virtual modules and on-site training courses.

Interested applicants are encouraged to email their complete resume to Additional information can also be found at the official KSK Land website ( The closing date for the first batch of applications will be 31st January 2021 and applications for the second batch will be announced shortly after.


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