According to the latest statement, KSK Land, one of Malaysia’s leading lifestyle property developers has launched a one-of-its-kind experiential digital dreamscape where you get to immerse yourself in an otherworldly digital dreamscape and discover the inspirations behind the residential towers of 8 Conlay – YOO8 serviced by Kempinski.

Upon arriving at the dreamscape portal (, users will be able to virtually escape into an island paradise that symbolises the Chinese character of prosperity. While exploring at their own relaxed pace, users will be able to interact with icons which enables them to learn more about the inspirations behind 8 Conlay. The soundtrack to the dreamscape is composed by Dae Kim, an internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist who has composed an ethereal yet optimistic soundtrack specifically for the dreamscape portal.

If that’s not enough to entice your curiosity, you can also stand a chance to receive a limited edition Chinese New Year hand-illustrated ang pow packet gift set by spotting the 8 oxen that have been hidden in the virtual dreamscape. A project between KSK Land and multidisciplinary creative studio Fictionist Studio, this custom-designed pop-up set is inspired by Platter, the upcoming experiential dining hall at 8 Conlay.

A closer look at the ang pow packets reveals a nostalgic chic theme that was hand-illustrated by Malaysian illustrator Barbarian Flower. Charming details include beautiful floral elements combined with nostalgic delights such as jelly, white rabbit candy, pineapple tarts and love letter wafers interspersed with Lunar New Year motifs such as birds, peaches, flowers and fishes.

“Bespoke experiences are what we deliver to our customers at KSK Land. In the new norm, facilitating virtual connectivity and digitisation is having a sense of adventure and curiosity. To usher in the year of the Ox, we wanted to give people an experience of ‘escapism’ into a world through the 8 Conlay dreamscape portal where they can immerse themselves while also learning more about the inspirations and the ‘artists’ behind the making of 8 Conlay –
KSK Land’s maiden project – through visual and audio interactivity.”

“The custom-made KSK Chinese New Year gift set also serves as a visual reminder on the timeless traditional reunion of family and friends during the festivities, with the plate as the core focus of the gift set. Since food always takes centre stage at any gathering, the plate that it is served on tends to be overlooked. Just like how KSK Land sets the stage for people to work, live and play at 8 Conlay, the plate represents a stage and vessel for the full dining experience. Drawing upon this parallel, for this Chinese New Year, we want to pay homage to this humble household object by using it as a canvas to tell the story of KSK and its businesses, intertwined with festive narratives,” said Joanne Kua, Chief Executive Officer of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land.

Those who experience the digital dreamscape will also stand a chance to win their very own KSK Chinese New Year Ang Pow gift set. For more details, visit our official Instagram accounts at @8Conlay and @KSKLand.


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