There are many questions that need to be answered before a business delegation can be organised, a successful development trip can mean an extension of business interest into a new market while a less than successful trip can have a lasting negative impact for the organisers.

Malaysian company Business Matching in DubaiThe role of Business and Trade Associations, Industrial Parks or Industry Clusters, Government Development Agencies have in the development of new markets is evolving, the need to expand their members business interests in various markets is not always the core activity of that organisation, this creates a considerable amount of stress on individuals tasked with organising the trip.  Moving forward, there is a need to find the right local delivery partner.

In a recent interview, Nordin Abdullah stated “If you are an individual or an association looking to travel to Malaysia and need to ‘Meet The Right People’ to ensure that the objectives of the business trip are achieved. There are many factors that need to be considered”.

“Malaysia is a good start to an Asian or ASEAN market expansion plan, the cost to benefit ratio coupled with the country’s international linkages makes it a logical first step”.

Business Matching and Government Meeting“The Malaysia Global Business Forum has a proven approach for delivering results, delegations both large and small from various parts of the world and from multiple industry sectors have benefited from our business matching services”.

“Trade and Investment promotion delegations traveling to Malaysia will be able to leverage off our extensive network in the country.  Businesses traveling to conferences and trade shows overseas will be able to make the most out of the trip by ensuring you get enough meetings with decision makers” we call it ‘Strategic Business Development’.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum has a proven approach for delivering results and is an integral part of a wider engagement to drive development.  Business development budgets and marketing budgets have faced pressures due to the current economic conditions, KPI’s targets, and organisational goals have not shifted, companies need a cost effective solution to address this paradigm shift,

The Malaysia Global Business Forum has been tailored to that goal. MGBF provides the following services to incoming delegations:

  • Industry Sector Research and Reports
  • Potential Client Database Development
  • Arrangement of Business Matching Events
  • Arrangement of meetings with Government Agencies
  • Arrangement of Business Matching Meetings (One on One)
  • Arrangement of Press Conference and Media Engagement
  • Preparation of Post Activity Reports

The Malaysia Global Business Forum can organize a dedicated business matching program for a single company, an association delegation or industry lead group to Malaysia. For more information contact the MGBF team today.

Nordin Profile PictureNordin Abdullah is the Managing Director of the Malaysia Global Business Forum, as an Australian with over 20 years of experience in Asia his knowledge of the region especially the Malaysian market has made him a valuable resource for business expanding in Asia, he was recently named in the Top 50 Expatriates to know in Malaysia.


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