-Qlink. The world’s first decentralized mobile network, has announced joint partnership with Block Array, the company that crowdsources trucking logistics powered by a blockchain based logging records

SINGAPORE, Feb. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Qlink and Block Array today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together. Qlink (https://qlink.mobi/f/qlink)is the world’s foremost decentralized mobile network, dedicated to constructing an open-source telecom infrastructure on blockchain. Block Array (https://blockarray.com/)is a blockchain based platform that records electronic logging device information, creates bills of lading and other shipping documents through smart contracts. Block array is pioneering a new shipping capacity marketplace for logistics companies.

The two companies plan to explore using the blockchain native base station on logistics vehicles, deepening the collaboration between mobile network and logistics industry.

As part of the MoU, Block Array will implement Qlink dApp functionalities for their users, allowing them to utilize Qlink’s decentralized wireless network. This means trucks will be able to communicate engine data and electronic logging device data to their owners while en route. In return, Block Array will help to deploy Qlink Chain Full Nodes to ensure network uptime, reliability, and stability for its users.

Logistic trucks are now required by law to use Electronic Logging Devices  (ELD) in order to maintain their records for Hours of Service.  Block Array has developed a platform that provides secure proof of logging and proof of arrival & departure. With the two projects joining hands, in the future logistic companies will have their trucks record always online, fair, and transparent.  Additionally this opens up new avenues of Internet of Vehicles usage to be explored for opportunities for further development.

“Adding Block Array to Qlink Chain as a node will increase the security and stability of the Qlink network for our users,” said Susan Zhou, Qlink COO. “We are excited to work with Block Array in the future to reinforce both missions, and create better services for our users. Qlink is building a blockchain operation system for the future telecom world and welcomes Block Array to extend our reach and enrich the ecosystem.”

“The partnership with Qlink will enable companies in both the United States and China to access IoT, ELD and other data sources in real time. It will bring a whole new paradigm of machine-to-machine communications,” said Sam Bacha, Co-Founder of Block Array. “Qlink’s wireless solution is key to the actualization of our application, and we look forward to utilizing all of Qlink’s services in the future and further strengthening our commitment to blockchain interoperability.”

Qlink is dedicated to constructing an open source telecom infrastructure on the Blockchain, which has the potential to underpin a variety of applications pertaining network usage. By building the world’s first decentralized mobile network, Qlink’s infrastructure will extend network coverage to dead zones, reduce the cost of telecom infrastructures, and reward users for sharing unused network assets to increase the telecommunication efficiency.

The joint partnership was defined and put together by Amplifi Capital (www.amplifi.capital), an early stage investor in both companies. Amplifi led the investment rounds in both Qlink and Block Array and have continued to advice both companies as well.

About Qlink:

Qlink was co-founded by a team of blockchain and telecom innovators. Allen Li, is Chief Architect and a core-developer for Qlink. He is a serial entrepreneur operating within the internet technology, traveling and telecom industries whose multiples projects were favored by venture capitalists ranging from mainland China to Singapore. With 7 years working experience with Huawei Technologies and 4 years experience as the founder & former CEO of Youyou Mobile.

Qlink is building the first decentralized mobile network which will empower telecom operators, inspire new business models, and provide users the most secure and cost-efficient telecommunication experience. Qlink has a strong investor and advisory board such as Xie Shihuang, one of the co-founders of Alibaba, Li Wei, founder of Pine VC, and Leo Wang, one of the first investors in NEO.

About Block Array:

Block Array is a blockchain startup based in Chattanooga, TN focused on applying vertically integrated blockchain solutions to amolerate issues facing 3rd-party logistics companies, supply chain management and the logistics industry.

Block Array is building a decentralized marketplace for shipping solutions, including shipping marketplace, smart contracts for bills of lading and more.

About Amplifi Capital:

Amplifi Capital is a private investment firm. The partners of Amplifi have been early adopters of crypto currencies and have focused on investing and advising early stage disruptors in the blockchain space. Amplifi’s guidance has led to significant value creation and technological achievements for our portfolio companies in addition to partnerships fostered through the Amplifi Strategy Group – a private group led by Amplifi and involving some of the biggest companies in the blockchain universe.


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