Taiwan-In the wake of the hot pursuit of the New Southbound Policy by the government of Taiwan, the Bureau of International Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned the Commerce Development Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “CDRI”) this year to launch the “New Southbound Market Innovation Marketing Development Plan — Wow! Taiwan” overseas. The marketing project aims at the youth groups of Malaysia, the Philippines and other ASEAN countries in a series of Internet events.

Tan Vui Chuan, known as the “Talent of Musical Creation” in Malaysia, and S. White, the renowned Asian Drumming Queen, to participate in the filming of a good qualify MV. Round trip tickets for four between Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Manila, and New Delhi were offered to attract the youths in these countries to Taiwan to experience the beautiful scenes and taste the exotic products of Taiwan.

“Nature, Beauty, Flash” are the 3 pillars of the theme to promote the products of Taiwan. From music to style, almost 30 kinds of Taiwanese products were interpreted through lively music exclusively customized for Taiwan, including the famous souvenirs of: pineapple cake, egg yolk cake, skincare products of masks and hand cream. These items will enter the minds of the consumers in ASEAN countries through their daily lives.

CDRI has undertaken the study of the markets of ASEAN and India, and discovered that the trendy mode of business opportunity of Taiwan is in the fermentation process in ASEAN countries. As such, showing that Taiwan is a creative item in itself and also has one selling point, including the organic packed foods, snacks with nutritional ingredients, cute and innovative little toys, cosmetics and healthcare products with natural ingredients, which are all hot items that the youths of ASEAN would like to recommend to friends. For further information on Wow! Taiwan, visit the official website at https://www.wowtaiwan.org. For online viewing of MV, visit https://reurl.cc/XXLZOR, or call the New Southbound Market Innovative Marketing Development Project Office at 02-7707-4921.


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