According to the latest statement, The Golden Leaf Awards was developed by the Australian Tea Masters Association Pty. Ltd., to promote and provide recognition to the high-quality teas available globally. They have been honouring the world’s best-tasting teas since 2016. 

teakruthi’s Afternoon Ritual was deemed best in class in the Single Origin black tea category and was awarded the Gold medal. Their Ayurveda-inspired tea infusion by the name Ahimsa Veda won Gold in the Flavored Blend Green Tea category. The brand’s speciality White ‘Silver Needle’ Ceylon tea by the name Ceylon Ivory won Gold in the Single Origin White Tea category.

The Vanilla Earl and Scottish Legacy won Silver in the Black Tea Earl Grey and Black Tea Ceylon categories respectively.

These five winning teakruthi teas are a part of an elite group of 100 winning teas selected by an international panel of speciality tea sommeliers from nearly 300 entries across 12 different classes of tea. Every eligible entry is carefully assessed by passionate and knowledgeable tea professionals for – brewed colour, brewed aroma, brewed flavour, brewed mouth-feel, and brewed harmony.

“We are deeply honoured and humbled to receive this coveted distinction for five of our great-tasting teas by the Australian Tea Masters Association,” said Lasith Lansakara, Co-founder of teakruthi.

“We started teakruthi with the simple mission to serve the best cuppa tea for #TeaLovers worldwide. Most of today’s leading tea brands found in the grocery are mass-produced with artificial additives, contain GMOs, or residue from chemical fertilizers. We source our teas from speciality tea gardens committed to natural and sustainable farming practices. All our growers produce non-GMO teas, and some are certified through the Rainforest Alliance and Ethical Tea Partnership. We are thrilled that these innovative flavour profiles and high-quality teas are being recognized and celebrated.”

The great taste of teakruthi teas can be attributed to the fact they reach consumers immediately after being harvested and processed, without adding artificial preservatives to maintain their taste. The brand’s predictive analytics helps them source teas within a week of harvesting from tea gardens. They purchase teas in small batches, which means unlike large commercial brands, they don’t stock mass quantities of teas in a warehouse, leaving the tea to wither and its flavour to flatten.

The brand is also known for its initiatives to support sustainable farming practices and reduce carbon footprint. They have partnered with to donate 1% of every purchase (regardless of profitability) towards environmental sustainability. Their chosen cause is the sustainable charity Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society that protects Sri Lanka’s most endangered wildlife. Their tea gardens follow sustainable farming practices without the use of hazardous pesticides (methyl bromides), and all the employees receive a fair and equitable wage. All their packaging uses recycled or reusable material. All five award-winning teas are available at


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