For the past six and a half years, REHDA Youth together with VERITAS Design Group have been rebuilding the Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) shelter located in Klang Valley, that had been struck by lightning. The unfortunate incident had left many abused women and children stranded and in need of better shelter.

The new house that has been refurbished has garnered Platinum Green RE status. | Photo by VERITAS, REHDA Youth and WAO/Press release

According to Sumitra Visvananthan, Executive Director of WAO, it was a blessing in disguise when REHDA approached the organization with a proposal to renovate and refurbish the current shelter to make it a better place for the current abused children and mothers.

“REHDA came looking for us as they were looking for a partner to work with. Their values aligned with ours”, said Sumitra.

“Furthermore, VERITAS made sure to involve the kids in their design ideas to find out what works best for them before the designing process took place. Their feedback was implemented in the design and it led to a very well executed building that we are very proud to be able to move into soon”, she added.

L-R: David Mizan Hashim (VERITAS Group President, Choong Wei Li (VERITAS Associate), Mohd Redzuan (VERITAS Project Manager), Michael Fu (REHDA Youth Advisor), Syah Kamaruddin (VERITAS Principal), Lillian Tay VERITAS Group Vice President, Shanaz A Muztaza (REHDA Youth Chairlady), Sumitra Visvanathan (WAO Executive Director), Daphne Low (WAO Head of Shelter), Amnani Abdul Kadir (WAO Partnerships and Development Director), Carrie Fong (Past REHDA Youth Chairlady), Azril Amir Jaafar (VERITAS Principal). | Photo by VERITAS, REHDA, and WAO / Press release

In an event held at VERITAS Design Group headquarters on the 11th of February, 2022, VERITAS Design Group, as the architect behind the new design of the WAO shelter, hosted a Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) handover by REHDA Youth to WAO. This is to mark the completion of the shelter home and the handover of the home to WAO, with hopes for a better life to the residents of the shelter, namely the abused kids and mothers.

According to Ar. David Mizan Hashim, Veritas Design Group President, the design of the new shelter home is well thought off. From usage of space for proper necessities to the usage of sustainable inclusions to ensure fewer utility charges in the future, the home has been designed with love and care, exactly what the kids need. He added that Veritas Design Group is unlike other architect firms, as one if the firm’s core believe is on pro-bono work. He is very proud to work on pro-bono work, especially with meaningful projects such as this. With this six-year project completion, it is now time to move forward to the next and benefit others too.

L-R: Choong Wei Li (VERITAS Associate), Carrie Fong (Past REHDA Youth Chairlady), David Mizan Hashim (VERITAS Group President, Shanaz A Muztaza (REHDA Youth Chairlady), Michael Fu (REHDA Youth Advisor), Lillian Tay VERITAS Group Vice President. Photo by VERITAS, REHDA Youth and WAO/Press release

“With Platinum Green RE rating, Rehda Youth is proud to have the new WAO shelter home as a pure sustainable development”, said Shanaz A Muztaza, REHDA Youth Chairlady, who was amongst the other VIPs at the event, including Ar. Lillian Tay, Vice President of Veritas Design Group, Amnani Abdul Kadir, WAO Partnership Director and Carrie Fong, Past REHDA Youth Chairlady.

Source: VERITAS, REHDA, and WAO (Press Release)


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