The coronavirus outbreak is having a potentially significant social and economic impact in China. WuXi Biologics is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and is complying with guidance from the relevant authorities. Our management team is working vigilantly to execute our Business Continuity Plan to mitigate any potential risk.

Overall, less than 6% of our staff have travelled to Wuhan, transited through Wuhan or had contact with people coming from Wuhan. No employee has been diagnosed of infection. We are closely monitoring the health of every employee. We have sufficient number of staff to resume operations after the holiday break.

We do not operate in Wuhan and do not have major suppliers from Wuhan. Supplies for labs and manufacturing are not likely affected.

WuXi Biologics is also working vigilantly to ensure the quality of the products we are manufacturing is not affected by this outbreak. We have a strong GMP quality system and a robust global supply chain. We do not expect to see any negative impact of this outbreak on our operations.

Clients who plan to travel to China are recommended to conduct meetings via videoconferences or teleconferences.

In addition, WuXi Biologics has already mobilized a large team to develop and manufacture multiple neutralizing antibodies to potentially treat the infection. WuXi Vaccines, a subsidiary of WuXi Biologics dedicated to vaccines, is also in discussions on manufacturing of multiple novel vaccines.

This situation, which continues to evolve daily, reminds us that we must continue to do the right things for patients. We do not expect to see meaningful negative impact on our business operations.


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