The way that we communicate has changed, at Glenreagh we have embraced this change to enable us to create value for our clients.

Strategic Communications: An effective communications strategy needs to be aligned with the strategic business goals of an organisation, coupled with clear planning and a concise tactical role out.  The advantage that Glenreagh team brings to the table is we have done this in various industry sectors and at various levels including for SME’s, MNC’s, NGO’s, government bodies and business leaders.

A strategy correct is the first step but without the means to carry it out it becomes worthless. The Glenreagh team has the experience, skill set, the network and the relationships to deliver while ensuring the cost to benefit ratio remains attractive. To move from public relations to becoming a strategic delivery partner for your integrated communications.

Crisis Communications:  When a crisis hits an organisation or an individual it could mean the beginning of the end. How the leadership of the company deals with the crisis will be a defining moment for that company, having a lasting impact on the reputation of company and its leaders.

There are several advantages of engaging external consultants in a time of crisis, firstly most internal communications teams are not familiar with crisis management but other key considerations like removing the risk of internal leaks, clear non-biased approach to problem solving. Ultimately, the benefit is that we can take this difficult time and use it to create a desired media and public perception.

Glenreagh has established the Crisis Management Centre to assist individuals, organisations and governments in all aspects of a crisis including pre and post crisis training.

Media & Press Events:  An extensive database of media contacts in various fields coupled with the relationships with decision makers in the media has ensured that the press conferences and media events that we organise are well attended with relevant press. Learning from the lesions of promoting our own brands, which have been featured in some of the largest media brands in the world.

Our public relations services also leverage off the social media (including social listening tools) to ensure that our clients are ‘winning the Google battle’. While we can organise a press conference to create high impact coverage sometimes there is a need to move beyond that to engage with media and to create an experience that the media will not just report on but rave about.

Social Media & Blogger Engagement:  The Glenreagh has been successful at penetrating social media for our own brands, it was a natural step to extend this as a service to other companies that wish to develop a strong online following and need to reach consumers and more importantly develop communities.

At the same time Glenreagh owns several online media brands including; The Thinking Business Blog, Human Capital Review, Business Lifestyle Review, Property Digest, Corporate Dinner & Business Lunch and Youth Blog.  To supplement these brands a series of targeted community and newsletters that reach out to targeted databases that are then replicated on several social media platforms.

Corporate & Social Media Videos:  High quality, well-produced, properly scripted corporate video are sales tool that many companies need to go to market. Glenreagh has a dedicated team who have produced videos not only in Malaysia but around the world for some of the world’s leading corporations as well as fast growing SME’s sector.

Extending a presence online with a dedicated YouTube Channel is the next step that companies need to take to allow potential customers to better understand a product or service in a content driven environment. The content approach is also an excellent means to humanise a CEO and to share their vision of the future. Social media videos are designed to high impact and more affordable than a full production corporate video.

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