Japanese Lifestyle Driving Innovation

Now all we need is a tiny popcorn-seller IT STARTED in a cosy izakaya, or pub, in Fujieda, in Shizuoka prefecture, when a gathering of furniture-makers dreamed of marking out some space for themselves in their cramped family homes. The result was an otoko no kakureya, or “hiding place for men”, a tiny, cockpit-like wooden

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Joni Leimala

Joni Leimala in his LinkedIn profile describes myself "I'm a boy from Espoo (Finland), who has an infinite thirst for information. Add to that an unmatched passion for football & sports, and you’ll end up with someone like me – legs trying to compete with the head in which one is faster." "I've been a

Positioning Malaysia as a Green Innovator

Why would a country want to be seen as a “Green Innovator”, as a point of difference, as a competitive advantage, as a survival tactic, as a source of investment.  Some would say all of the above, no doubt that Malaysia is strategically located in the heart of ASEAN and has historically create considerable wealth

Business Lunch

"Business Networking Lunch" "Food Technology & Food Security in Asia-Pacific" 26th September, 2016 Al-Amar Restaurant - Sunway Putra Mall   During the World Food Summit which was held in 1996 food security was defined as existing “when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food that meets their dietary needs