Sushi Zensai – Japanese Casual Business Dining

The quintessential business lunch experience for many years has been Japanese.  Sushi Zensai has taken this idea and taken it to the next level.  Sushi Zensai holds true to the highest Japanese dining standards with hand-picked, fresh ingredients in […]

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Japanese Lifestyle Driving Innovation

Now all we need is a tiny popcorn-seller

IT STARTED in a cosy izakaya, or pub, in Fujieda, in Shizuoka prefecture, when a gathering of furniture-makers dreamed of marking out some space for themselves in their cramped family homes. The result […]

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Award Winning Restaurant – Minori

Award Winning Restaurant – Minori a Beautiful Harvest

Business Lunches are an important part of doing business in Malaysia. Finding the right place to entertain potential clients is always an important decision. Minori restaurant is strategically located in The Royale Chulan Damansara which makes it an excellent location for […]

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