Company Name: Benjamit Packaging Co., Ltd.

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Contact Person: Ms. Khanuspabha Kwansurakul (Rath)

Contact Number: +66 94 453 3236

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Company Profile:

Benjamit Packaging Co., Ltd. Is one of leading manufacturer for total service for direct offset printing on metal tin cans and PP injection cups. We serve all buyers with high quality & premium packaging and provide total service of mold making, design, printing until to have finished products for seasoning and promotional occasions. Any inquiry or more information, please contact export sales as above.


  1. Metal tin cans in various shapes
  2. PP injection cups
  3. PP containers

Type of company looking to meet in Malaysia:

  1. Café/ Coffee shop owner
  2. Food Catering
  3. Yoghurt provider

Level of Decision maker:

  1. Import Manager
  2. Buyer

Type of relationship you are looking to establish

  1.  Sole agent
  2. Partner

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