Company Name: Bio-Woman Co.,Ltd.

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Contact Person: Mr.Suppasak Suankool

Contact Number: +668.1913.9137

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Bio-Woman Co.,Ltd. Is a Thai Company which has entered into Natural Cosmetic Business since 1998. It operates as a manufacturing and distributing of Natural Cosmetic products across Thailand and the World. With continuous growths, expansions and diversifications, there are lots of retailers, wholesalers and department stores as our agents. Our brands are one of the leading Cosmetics brands in Africa, Asia, Middle East and the US.

Vision : To become the global leader in Natural Health and Beauty products based on Quality and Safety.

Mission : To emphasize on quality, safety process and swift services for customers’ demands.


  1. Hair Care  (Shampoo / Treatment / Hair Serum / Hair Color / ect.)
  2. Skin Care (Facial Foam / Facial Cream / Lips Balm/ect.)
  3. Body Care (Shower Gel / Body Lotion / Body Scrub / Deodorant /ect.)

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  1. Distributor
  2. Importer

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  1. Import Manager
  2. Purchasing Manager

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  1. Agent  
  2. Distributor / Sole Distributor

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